Breast lift with implants to correct mammary ptosis

Breast lift with implants to correct mammary ptosis

11th Aug 2017

Ptosis is the medical term used to define sagging breasts. Many women are interested in breast augmentation, but are concerned with their moderate or severe mammary ptosis. For patients who want to enhance their breasts as well as get rid of the sagging, they are recommended to get a breast lifting together with the breasts implants. This is because if patients with mammary ptosis only choose breast augmentation using implants, their breasts will be smaller than those who actually had a breast lift. Consequently, plastic surgeons often warn patients about this type of result, which only occurs when a breast augmentation with implants is done to those with sagging breasts.

Mastopexy with breast implants

A breast lift performed at the same time with breast implants surgery can lead to the lifting of the breasts, while also increasing the size of the cup. The procedure ensures the femininity of the breasts is intact for a significant period of time. Since breast implants are not subjected to gravity in the same manner as the fat tissue, they will maintain their shape and position for a longer period than the natural breasts.

Plastic surgeons perform the mastopexy procedure with breast implants similar to a standard lifting procedure. The difference is in the insertion of silicone or saline solution implants. The surgeon will start by making an incision to remove the excess skin. The type of incision will be discussed with the patient before the surgery, and it is dependent on the shape and dimensions of the breasts. Afterwards, the breast implant is placed behind the mammary gland or the pectoral muscle, and as soon as it is positioned properly, the surgeon will close the incision.

Why get a breast lift with implants

The breast lifting with implants visibly improves both the position and size of the breasts, and at the same time, eliminates the effects of gravity, pregnancy or weight loss. Moreover, the breast lifts are prolonged when you use implants because the breasts will stay firm and perky for a lengthy time.

Risks and complications associated with breast implant mastopexy

No matter how rare they occur, the complications associated with the mammary lifting are still important to mention and discuss. To ensure you are aware of the potential complications, especially the ones associated with having breast implants, we prepared a list of side effects that can occur in the case of breast lift with implants to correct mammary ptosis:

Scarring: Mastopexy with implants leaves visible scars on the skin. Many times, a permanent scar is visible when looking from the inferior area of the nipple vertically towards the base of the breasts, around the areola. On the other hand, in the case of certain procedures, circular scars can be left around the nipple. Of course, the scars will diminish and become less visible with time, but they are a normal side effect worth considering when planning a breast lift surgery with implants.

Infections: When the patient goes to surgery, the plastic surgeon will take serious precautions to prevent infections as they are one of the highest potential complications associated with breast lifting. Just like in the cases of many other types of surgery, infection is possible to occur after mastopexy, and in this case, the implants will need to be removed for approximately six months. This will make a considerable difference in the dimensions of the breasts during this recovery period.

Capsular contracture: If you choose a breast lift with a mammary implant to correct the mammary ptosis, there is a possibility to have additional complications compared to a standard mastopexy procedure. Capsular contracture occurs when there are scar and hardened tissues around the implant that will feel unnatural to the touch and might even cause discomfort. The capsular contracture occurs more frequently in the case of silicone implants compared to the saline solution implants, and sometimes they can even go unnoticed. Certain contractures though might require the removal of the implants and a replacement with new ones. It is important to mention that the placement of the implant under the pectoral muscle reduces the risk of developing the capsular contracture.

Numbness in the nipple area: There is a possibility to develop a numbing sensation around the nipple after the breast lift surgery with implants. In many cases, the numbness is temporary, and it will disappear on its own a few weeks after the surgery.

Implant rupture or deflation: Breast lift with implants can occasionally result in the deflation or rupture of implants. If the implants are overfilled or underfilled (saline solution implants) or have a production flaw (silicone implants), this is highly likely to occur. If there is not enough pressure inside the implant, the capsule might move and break in time. It is possible for the implant to leak and deflate over time. When this happens, the breasts will go back to its initial shape and size in less than a day ifsaline solution implants were used. As for the deflation of the implants, this is not a life-threatening condition as it happens only with the saline solution and its contents are completely harmless to the body. On the other hand, when a rupture happens in silicone implants, it is more difficult to diagnose and the treatment is only surgical.


The breast lift with implants is the best plastic surgery option to correct mammary ptosis. Sagging breasts is an issue that affects many women, and their causes are multiple and varied. The sagging of the breasts can be treated with a breast lift. If the patient also wants to augment their breasts, the use of implants will be required. After the breast lift with implants, the patient will notice not only that the mammary ptosis was completely corrected, but also that their breasts look bigger, fuller, rounder, and more firm. The results after the mastopexy with breast implants last longer because the breast implants are not subjected to gravity and aging in the same way as the natural breasts. Overall, combining these two procedures will surely resolve your mammary ptosis as well as give you more youthful looking breasts.

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