Breast lifting exercises

Breast lifting exercises

23rd Sep 2019


Time and different genetic predispositions, as well as other factors, can put their marks on the beautiful appearance of the breasts. This can lead to a physical and emotional discomfort with serious effects on the woman’s life. Breast lifts are commonly performed nowadays on patients suffering from breast ptosis, but is this the only method to correct saggy, droopy breasts or can physical exercises be just as efficient?

If you have a look online for breast lifting exercises, you might be surprised by the volume of information that is available out there. After less than five minutes of research, you might come to the idea that plastic surgery is just a waste of money and you can achieve similar results and perky breasts in no time just by doing two, three or five simple exercises. But how true is this? 

A physical exercise that is frequently recommended for lifting the breasts is one with good effects on the posture of the body. The woman should stay on the floor, on the belly, in a position like preparing for push-ups but instead of a complete push up, you only elevate the upper part of the body with the chin lifted towards the ceiling and the legs relaxed. Another exercise uses weight: the arms should be bent to 90 degrees while having small weights in each hand. And there are many other exercises using a fitness ball, a kettle bell, more extensive devices, or just the body’s own weight. 

But do they work? Physical exercises are always a good idea and recommended by doctors from around the world. However, their ability to correct breast ptosis has not been demonstrated, and this would be impossible. When we work out, we get fitter and more toned, and we can also feel better because endorphins are released. But will this help with getting perkier breasts? Unfortunately, no. 

Despite what some people might believe, the breasts don’t have muscles, and they are made just out of skin, fat tissue and mammary gland tissue. The muscles of the chest are under the tissues of the breasts and have no role in supporting the breasts in an elevated position. So working out those muscles will have no effect on elevating the breasts, but it can lead to an overall toned body shape. 

There are people who work out extensively, like bodybuilders. They also commonly resort to plastic surgery, especially on the breasts to get a more feminine appearance. Intense physical exercises will tone the muscles but can also burn the fat tissue that is present in the breasts and hence make the breasts smaller. The skin sagginess is not affected by the condition of the muscles. Of course, a toned body, even with saggy skin, will look better compared to a body that lacks any kind of tonus, but the sagginess of the breasts won’t be corrected by performing physical exercises. The only viable method to get perky breasts after the onset of breast ptosis is with the help of a mastopexy procedure. 


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