Breast reduction and sports activities

Breast reduction and sports activities

13th Jun 2016

Breast reduction surgery is often followed by the risk of bleeding and inflammation; therefore, sports activities are discouraged for a lengthy period of time after the procedure. Breast reduction surgery involves incisions in your chest tissue, which needs enough time to heal completely and restore itself.

Engaging in sports activities right after a breast reduction can jar and upset your breast tissue, which may be accompanied by inflammation, bleeding, and infection. Walking is recommended as an alternative to sports activities for a few weeks after breast reduction, but you should stay vigilant to prevent jarring your breasts.

Your surgeon’s advice and approval is very important before resuming your sports activities after breast reduction. A few weeks after your surgery, your surgeon may allow you to engage in mild exercise before engaging in light sports activities. Remember, high-endurance sports are strictly discouraged for several months after a breast reduction.

It is important to start with light activity because your chest tissue needs gradual acclimatization to sports rather than sudden jarring. If you have a passion for bicycling, you should first ride a stationary bicycle after your surgeon’s approval. You need to be very sensitive to your body. If you experience pain or uneasiness, stop the activity immediately. Swelling of the surgical site is also an indication that you are overdoing your sports activities.

If you engage in sports activities without your surgeon’s approval and without full healing of the surgical site, your surgical site might be compromised. For at least two months, do not engage in sports like rowing, swimming, jumping, or running, because these are high-endurance athletics, which can damage your breasts and trigger further complications. Moreover, any sports activity that puts pressure on your chest is highly discouraged for two months after breast reduction. Football, soccer, and basketball are also discouraged for two months after breast reduction because they involve the risk of knockback to your chest.

When your surgeon finally allows you to play your favorite sports, you should still be careful and go slowly. For example, instead of running five miles, take a very short and slower run on your first day of resuming sports after breast reduction. You can then gradually increase the distance and speed.

In order to be on the safe side, you should wear a bra that provides good support to your breasts during sports. You can easily find a number of different sports bras on the market. Remember, however, that your athletics bra should have solid, non-stretchable fabric and structure.

Healing time and process can differ from one person to another; therefore, it is important to follow your surgeon’s instructions strictly when it comes to playing sports after breast reduction. Even if you think you are ready to resume sports activities two or three months after the surgery, it is important first to get a green light from your surgeon.



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