Breast reduction for patients with low pain tolerance

Breast reduction for patients with low pain tolerance

01st Dec 2019


If you are suffering from constant back, neck and shoulder pain and also confronted with a predisposition towards fat accumulation due to an impossibility to exercise or engage in physical activities, chances are you might need a breast reduction.

Breast reduction is recommended for patients whose daily lives are impacted by the excessive volume of the breasts. In many cases, women with overly large breasts can’t engage in many activities that other people consider normal and easy to perform such as running, for example. The reality is that the weight of the breasts can feel like a real burden, a constant pressure on the chest and spine. Difficulties in breathing and finding suitable clothing, as well as dermatological conditions that can occur on the breasts are common issues for women with overly large breasts and also one of the reasons why breast reduction is preferred by patients of all ages, including very young patients.

Just like any other plastic surgery, breast reduction is associated with a host of risks and complications. Among these risks are the impossibility to breastfeed, bad scarring, and slight asymmetries in the breasts after the surgery. What is not considered a risk but actually a normal side effect is pain and discomfort.

A certain level of pain is normal to occur after such an extensive and complex procedure such as the breast reduction. Patients should be aware of this along with the discomfort that might be associated with the beginning of the recovery period. However, most patients mention that the level of pain after breast reduction is minimal and can be easily managed with simple analgesics.

If you have a low tolerance to pain, you should discuss pain medication with the plastic surgeon. The plastic surgeon will ask about the medication you took before and how much it helped. This will give him an idea about what medication is better prescribed to you. 

When it comes to a low tolerance to pain, there are other pieces of advice that patients should follow to feel better during the recovery period. Wearing the compression bra and applying ice packs on the operated area for the first two to three days post-op can reduce the level of pain. Also, make sure to have comfortable clothing available to be worn upon your return from the medical facility. Chances are you will want to avoid lifting your arms above the shoulders for a few days post-op as this might increase the level of pain. 

Essential for pain management is also avoiding intense physical activities, especially during the first two weeks post-op. Patients with low tolerance to pain will receive a complete set of instructions from the plastic surgeon regarding post-op pain management. 


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