Breast reduction, liposuction or both?

Breast reduction, liposuction or both?

09th Jun 2019


Liposuction is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the world, and it is performed in many countries worldwide with high success rates. Liposuction delivers impressive results without being overly invasive, and this is one of the reasons why people prefer it. Moreover, with liposuction we can practically sculpt any area of the body that has an excess of adipose tissue that is resistant to physical exercise and diet.

Liposuction targets the layer of fat that is directly under the skin in a particular area. This means that it can only be used as a remodeling procedure and not for weight loss purposes. The procedure is not recommended for people with saggy skin or a poor skin condition as it will accentuate the sagginess. The skin needs to be supple and elastic to retract on the new contours of the body to ensure satisfactory results are achieved after the procedure.

Breast reduction is another plastic surgery procedure performed worldwide, but the aim is to help women with overly large breasts get relief from the constant physical and emotional discomforts associated with breasts of an excessive volume. Breast reduction aims to reduce the volume of the breasts by eliminating the part of the mammary gland that is in excess and also the surplus of skin and fat tissues. This means that breast reduction has an effect on all the structures of the breasts: mammary gland, fat layer, and skin envelope.

When trying to get smaller breasts and a bust more proportionate to the rest of their anatomy, some women consider liposuction as a good solution. As we have already mentioned, liposuction is a solution for the excess of fat tissue. Women with overly large breasts are often confronted with an excess of mammary gland tissue and not necessarily fat. In other words, liposuction won’t help sort the issue. The amount of fat tissue and mammary gland can be diagnosed during a consultation and also by using a breast echography.

Even if the vast majority of the breasts are made out of fat tissue and not the mammary gland as is usually the case, liposuction is still not the best solution, or at least not when performed as a stand-alone procedure. We have already mentioned that liposuction is a procedure to be performed only on patients and in areas with a good skin tonus. The skin on the breasts is often very sensitive and delicate, and the breasts are prone to early sagging, especially if they are on the larger side. If the breasts are large and saggy, liposuction can be performed to reduce their size, but only when combined with a procedure that will correct the sagginess – the breast lift.

If you want to find out which procedure will help you get the breasts you have always dreamt of, contact your plastic surgeon for a pre-operative consultation.

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