Breast reduction recovery: Week by week

Breast reduction recovery: Week by week

05th Jul 2021

If your breasts have grown to the extent that the condition is creating physical and self-esteem issues for you, it’s a sign you need breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction decreases the size and weight of breasts that have become very large. The female breasts are subject to changes and factors like genetics, massive weight gain, hormonal changes, and the use of certain medications that can trigger their overdevelopment. When the breasts become huge, it can lead to physical discomforts and pain like shoulder grooving and back and neck pain.
Breast reduction surgery decreases the size of the breasts by removing the surplus fat, glandular tissue, and skin from the breasts. It is a useful but significant operation. As such, the patient is required to go through a complete recovery process. The plastic surgeon will provide you instructions for week-by-week recovery following the procedure.

Week 1
Recovery starts right after breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction is an outpatient procedure that is performed under general anesthesia. During the operation, the doctor will make incisions on the breasts and then use the incisions to remove the excess fat and glandular tissue from the breasts. He will then trim the excess skin and suture and close the incisions. When you wake up from the effects of the general anesthesia, you will find yourself in the recovery area. The medical staff will monitor your health, and if there is no sign of complication, you will be allowed to go home.
Once you get home, you may start to experience some pain in the breasts because of the tampering with the tissue and the incisions. The pain is generally felt during the first 24 to 72 hours. Most patients experience mild to moderate pain that can be controlled with pain relief medications. If the pain becomes severe or extends beyond the first 72 hours after the surgery, you should contact your plastic surgeon.
The first week after breast reduction surgery plays a vital role in shaping the results and determining your safety. It is essential for the patient to avoid sleeping on the tummy during this time because it can create complications like wound dehiscence. Also, your breasts will be swollen right after, but the swelling will subside gradually in the next six to eight weeks.
During the first few days, you may also have drain cannulas placed in the breasts so that the fluids and blood discharged at the incisions can be carried away. You will also be advised to start wearing compression bras right after the surgery. Be sure to wear the compression surgical bras for the recommended time.
The surgeon may also tell you to get antibiotics to cope with possible infections. Generally, the antibiotics are taken during the first weeks following the procedure. In case the swelling expands beyond the surgery site and pus is discharged from the incisions, you should contact your surgeon because it might be a sign of infection. You can get up and take slow and short walks every few hours during the recovery period so that the risk of blood clotting and constipation can be prevented.

Week 2
Week 2 is critical when it comes to recovery after breast reduction surgery. You must avoid work for two weeks. This is the time to concentrate on your recovery and take sufficient rest so that your body can work to overcome the side effects of the operation and heal the incisions. You must avoid physical activities during this time.
Also, you need to be careful about the incisions. Bear in mind that the incisions are delicate and subject to splitting during the first two weeks. It takes at least two weeks for the incisions to gain some strength. In case the incisions break open, it can trigger bleeding, infection, and poor and slow wound healing.
As with the first week, you must avoid sleeping on your abdomen throughout the second week. Instead, you should sleep on your side and back. Taking enough rest throughout the second week is crucial for your recovery. Be sure to avoid work and instead take rest so that your body can recuperate from the surgical trauma.
Many patients are curious as to whether the swelling will disappear during the second week of recovery. The fact is that the swelling will decrease to about 40 percent; however, it will not go away just yet. The swelling will disappear after many weeks and even months. It is crucial for the patient to take the prescribed medications for the recommended time.

Weeks 3 to 4
You can resume work by the start of the third week of your recovery. However, if your job involves strenuous activities, you should take two additional weeks off work. As the second week ends and the third week starts, you will start to feel better and the improvements introduced to your breasts will slowly emerge. The discomforts and pain associated with having huge breasts will be gone by now, and the discomforts of the surgery will disappear. Your breasts will now appear moderately small; however, complete results will not be noticeable until the swelling subsides.
Although your breasts will heal considerably and recuperate from the surgical trauma, you should still be careful for the next three weeks. You can resume sleeping on your tummy by the third week of your recovery. However, avoid prolonged sleeping on your front.
You must also be sure to wear the compression surgical bras through the third and fourth weeks. It will help reduce the swelling and enhance the final results. By the fourth week, about 50-60 percent of the swelling will subside. As a result, the breasts will look aesthetically welcoming and shapelier. However, you need some more weeks for the final results to emerge.
Many patients ask whether they can drive after breast reduction surgery. Since driving involves arm movements and runs the likely risk of bumps to the chest, you must avoid driving for three weeks after the surgery. If you are using medications even after the third week of recovery, you should avoid driving until your medication finishes.
If you are not using medicines, then you may resume driving by the start of your fourth week of recovery. Since the incisions on the breasts have gained enough strength by now, it is safe for you to drive. However, drive safely and make sure to avoid bumps or any movement or activity that can apply strain to the breasts.

Weeks 5 to 6
When the patient enters the fifth week of her recovery, she will start to feel more confident and medically fit. By the fifth and sixth week, about 70-80 percent of the swelling disappears. When the swelling subsides, the breasts look better and proportional and balanced. The improvements in the breasts not only eliminate the physical pain and discomforts linked with huge breasts but also enhance your body outline and silhouette. As such, you will get a boost in your self-esteem by the fifth and sixth week.
Even though you will recover up to 80 percent by the fifth week, you need to wear the compression surgical bras throughout the sixth week as well. Complete results of the operation will still not be visible. You need at least 2-3 additional weeks to see the final improvements of breast reduction surgery. You will be going for follow-ups with your surgeon during the first six weeks after the surgery. The surgeon will examine your breasts to make sure the results are emerging and any sign of complication is detected early on.
By the end of the sixth week, your recovery will come to an end, and you will be ready to resume physically strenuous activities. You can do exercises, jogging, stretching, jumping, etc., after the end of the sixth week. However, be sure to do so gradually. You can now go out and shop for new regular bras as well because your old bras won’t fit your newly reduced breasts properly.

Breast reduction surgery is a highly invasive procedure that involves surgical trauma, side effects, and risks. Recovery is a significant milestone in your endeavor to undergo breast reduction surgery. The recovery timeline can vary from one patient to another; however, most patients observe the same timeframe. The primary recovery can happen during the first two weeks; however, complete recovery takes six weeks. The patient will experience different things in each week of recovery and progress accordingly. In this article, I have explained breast reduction recovery, week by week.

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