Breast reduction techniques

Breast reduction techniques

05th Sep 2017

Breast reduction surgery is meant to help men and women lessen their breast mass by removing breast tissue, fat, and skin. It is a major surgical procedure that can be done through different techniques depending on what the patient needs. Usually, breast reduction surgeries also entail the re-positioning of the nipples and areola in order to place it in a more appropriate position.

One of the breast reduction techniques used today is the Wise pattern breast reduction. This technique is also known as the inverted T or anchor scar procedure. With this technique, an anchor-shaped scar is left on the breast. It is a traditional technique used because it is capable of providing great results for patients who require large breast reductions. It is also the basis for many of the newer techniques available today.

Another technique that can be used is the vertical scar or lollipop breast reduction technique. With this surgery, an incision around the areola and a vertical one towards the base of the breast is made. This is meant for patients who have a smaller reduction requirement but don’t have overly large breasts. Once the surgeon is satisfied with the amount of breast mass that is removed, the vertical incision will be stitched up and the areola with the nipple will be moved a few centimeters upward.

Some surgeons also perform the breast reduction procedure with the horizontal scar technique. This is done to produce a smaller scar even if there is a large reduction. The only drawback to this technique is that the breast can look flat. This is the reason why some surgeons might not offer this technique.

Along with the different techniques in breast reduction, liposuction can also be done in order to reduce the size of the breast further. It is also possible to do only the liposuction of the breast in order to reduce its size. When only liposuction is done, patients can expect a much smaller scar and the recovery would be much shorter compared to a major breast reduction surgery. However, liposuction for the reduction of breast size is not always possible for all patients. Surgeons still need to assess the breasts to see if liposuction is enough to achieve the reduction needed. It is also possible for the liposuction procedure to result in the sagging of the skin because it is not elastic enough.

When choosing a technique for breast reduction, it is important to make a consultation with the surgeon of your choice. The surgeon can assess what procedures are needed in order to improve the size and appearance of the breasts. They are also able to assess whether a patient is qualified for the procedure or not. Proper selection of the surgeon to do the procedure is essential to the success of breast reduction. Find credible, experienced and certified surgeons to do the procedure.

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