Breast reduction to correct asymmetries

Breast reduction to correct asymmetries

21st Sep 2017

It is natural for the breasts to be asymmetrical. In fact, most women have asymmetrical breasts although it isn’t too obvious and not to the extent that they want to go through surgery to correct them. If you have highly asymmetrical breasts, however, surgery can be of help to make your breasts look more symmetrical. One of the procedures that can be done to help with breast asymmetries is the breast reduction surgery.

The asymmetry of the breasts can be varied; that is why there are also different ways to have it corrected. The breast reduction surgery is helpful for women who have breasts that are asymmetrical in size. It can also be very helpful for women whose nipples and areola have asymmetrical position because these can be repositioned through the breast reduction procedure. It is also possible that the asymmetry is corrected through a combination of procedures.

If the sizes of the breast are asymmetrical, the patient may choose to undergo a breast reduction surgery. Even if the breasts are not the same in size, you wouldn’t just go through the breast reduction on one side. Both sides of the breast will be operated on, but the surgeon can taper the surgery to make sure that the breasts don’t just look even, but look better too.

The breast reduction surgery can remove the excess fat, tissue, and skin to improve the overall appearance of the breast. The amount removed will depend on the results that the patient wants to achieve. It is important for patients to have a realistic goal and to understand that there is still a chance for the breast to remain asymmetrical after the surgery. The symmetry of the breasts is just improved to make them look even and for the asymmetry to be less obvious.

Like any other surgery, the breast reduction surgery also comes with risks. There are complications that can develop especially if the patient doesn’t take care of her body well. Naturally, there would be a scar that is left after the surgery, but the degree of scarring will depend on how the person heals. It is possible for some patients to develop huge and obvious scars while others do not. If the scar is really big and obvious, a patient may decide to go through another surgery to have the scars removed. With this, the older scars will be removed, and the wound would be allowed to heal again in the hopes of having a less obvious scar.

Another complication would be the change in the sensitivity of the nipples. Because the nipples will be repositioned, it is possible for the nipples and areola to feel numb. Some patients gradually get back their sensitivity while others don’t.

If the breast reduction surgery isn’t your cup of tea, there are still some other alternatives that you can try to do to correct the asymmetry of your breasts. Some surgeons might suggest injecting more fat to the breasts to make them look more symmetrical. Other women simply hide the imperfection under their clothes or the bra that they wear.

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