Breast reduction to correct mammary asymmetries

Breast reduction to correct mammary asymmetries

07th Apr 2017

Contrary to popular belief, it is actually common for women to have asymmetrical breasts. With that said, most women only have slight asymmetry, which is why it isn’t obvious. This is why they are contented with their breasts regardless of the asymmetry as it does not bother them.

Unfortunately, there are some women have very asymmetrical breasts, making it noticeable. For this reason, they want to find a solution to address this issue. They even turn to surgical procedures in order to find ways on how they can make their breasts more symmetrical.

Although not all women who undergo surgical procedures do it to solve breast highly asymmetrical breasts, the surgery does allow the surgeons to adjust the size and shape of each breast in order to make it even more symmetrical than before. Having said that, it is important to remember that no surgery can ever make your breast exactly the same. Surgeons can do their best to make them look as symmetrical as they can, but there can still be a bit of asymmetry after the surgery.

One of the surgical procedures that surgeons use to correct the asymmetry of the breast is the breast reduction procedure. This is an effective way to correct the asymmetry when it has something to do with the size of the breasts. It is possible for one breast to be bigger than the other. If a patient were contented with the smaller breast, then the larger breast would be reduced to match the size of the smaller one.

With the reduction, a breast lift can also be done in order to lift the breast and prevent it from drooping. To make sure both breasts are not drooping, the smaller breast will also be lifted. Other asymmetrical problems can also be corrected through the lift surgery.

Consequently, the breast reduction surgery leads to breasts that are proportionate to the size of the body as the excess tissue and skin are removed. It is also possible to move the nipple-areola complex to a higher position to make the breasts look even better. In addition, breast reduction surgery is a good procedure to use when you want to correct the asymmetry of the breast without using implants.

Having said that, breast reduction surgery to correct mammary asymmetry is only done when the patient’s preferred breast is the smaller one. However, if the patient prefers the bigger breast, implants may be needed to make the two breasts similar in size in order to avoid reducing the size.

Another thing to consider is that while a breast reduction surgery can help deal with the asymmetry of the breast, it still doesn’t guarantee that after the surgery the patient will have perfectly symmetrical breasts. Realistically, the goal of the surgery is to lessen the asymmetry of the breast and make it as symmetrical as possible. Breasts are like sisters, they can be very similar, but are never entirely identical.

Therefore, if you have asymmetrical breast and would like to correct it, you can consult with your surgeon to figure out if you would really benefit from a breast reduction surgery for your asymmetry. Keep your options open because surgeons might suggest other procedures that would produce better results for your condition.


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