Breast reduction with implants

Breast reduction with implants

25th May 2021

Breast reduction surgery is performed on women who suffer because of the excessive size of their breasts. The indication for breast reduction surgery comes from the plastic surgeon and only after a careful medical examination and a conversation with the patient. The procedure is suitable on women of different ages, including teenagers, as long as they have completed the development of the mammary gland. 

The plastic surgeon will start making incisions on the breasts after the patient is administered general anesthetic. The skin envelope of the breasts is pulled aside from the mammary gland to allow the surgeon access to the glandular tissue. The excess of glandular tissue will be removed along with the excess skin. The incisions are sutured and the operation is completed. 

As you can see, breast reduction surgery is a straightforward procedure; however, it should be performed only by a talented and experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon to get the best results possible. The results are visible immediately, and many of the discomforts associated with having overly large breasts will disappear overnight.

Breast reduction surgery can be performed with a breast lift and even a breast augmentation. It might seem strange to combine a breast reduction with breast implants, but if the patient has certain requirements for the shape of the breasts, this is the only possible method. 

Patients get breast reductions combined with implants when they want to achieve a specific shape and appearance of the breasts. When breast reduction is performed as a stand-alone procedure, the shape of the breasts will be a natural one and is dependent on the initial shape of the breasts. The plastic surgeon can’t create upper pole fullness if the patient has a different breast shape. 

In some cases, the patient will come to our office and ask for a specific size and shape of the breasts. The size of the breasts is decided according to the measurements of the thorax, weight and height. The shape of the breasts is entirely a question of the patient’s taste and desire, and there are no general recommendations towards which shape would be better. 

There are patients very happy with a tear shape of the breasts while others will want round, full, perky breasts. To achieve these round and perky breasts, it is often necessary to use implants. The new generation of implants called gummy bear implants are particularly good in helping the patient achieve exactly the shape of breasts they desire. Moreover, the implants will keep the appearance of the breasts for longer compared to the natural tissues. This means that the chances that your breasts will look perky and youthful for longer is when you get the right type of breast implants. When implants are used during breast reduction surgery, the surgeon will need to remove more of the patient’s glandular tissue.

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