Breast size after a breast lift

Breast size after a breast lift

16th Oct 2017

Uneven breasts are a natural phenomenon that should not be a cause for panic. Many women have differently sized or shaped breasts. However, when there is substantial difference in size, proportion, shape, or direction of the breasts, you may want to have them treated.

Abnormally irregular breasts can be a source of emotional and mental pain for the patient as breast asymmetry can negatively affect your aesthetic appearance. This is the reason many women desire to have equally sized and similarly shaped breasts. A breast lift surgery can help make your breasts symmetrical. After the procedure, your breasts will appear enhanced and alike.

One of the common outcomes of breast lifting is smaller breasts. While this can be undesirable to some women, others are more acceptable of this as it removes the breast sagginess and asymmetry and they achieve perky, youthful breasts. The cup size decreases as result of the alteration to the bottom and breadth of the breasts. While the cup size may decrease, the breast’s volume will stay equal.

Patients should understand that the cup size will certainly decrease when a breast lift is used in combination with a breast reduction procedure. While breast lifting may trigger a reduction in cup size, it will not be as visible compared to a combination of breast lift and reduction.

Breast Irregularity

Having irregular breasts is absolutely natural. There are millions of women who have differently sized, shaped, or positioned breasts. Having minor asymmetry in the breasts is not much of an issue; however, the condition can be quite visible in some patients.

While clothing can hide asymmetrical breasts, you may still suffer from poor self-image and self-confidence. If your breasts are substantially different in shape, size, or position from each other, you should see a plastic surgeon to diagnose and treat the condition. In most cases, a breast lift can help fix the problem.

Breast Lift to Treat Irregular Breasts

A breast lift procedure can make your breasts symmetrical and shapely. However, you should bear in mind that there is no surgery that can completely remove breast asymmetry. While a breast lift surgery is performed on both breasts, each breast may receive different alterations in order to appear alike. A breast lift procedure may also be used in combination with a breast reduction surgery to treat broader aesthetic problems.


Change in Cup Size After Breast Lifting

Some women panic when they notice a decrease in their cup size after a breast lift surgery and hold the plastic surgeons responsible for the result. However, it is important to understand that the cup size of the breast is not simply grounded in the breast volume, but also depends on the breadth of the breast. Breast lifting sculpts and changes the breast shape to decrease the sagginess and asymmetry. Moreover, saggy breasts have the tendency to be flatter and wider. A breast lift makes the saggy breasts perky by decreasing the breast width and firming the breast foundation. This can decrease your cup size but will not alter the breast volume. If there is extra skin and tissue that need to be removed, the surgeon will remove only the minimum amount of skin to make sure your breasts look regular.

The excess skin removed during surgery will also contribute to a decrease in breast size. When a breast lift is undertaken by an experienced surgeon, only the extra skin will be taken out in addition to repositioning the nipples to make them appear even.

Breast lifting can only substantially reduce the breast size when combined with breast reduction. The decrease in breast size following a breast lift surgery is absolutely normal and unavoidable, as doing so is important to change the shape of the breasts so they can appear even.

Outcomes of Breast Lifting

If your breasts have become uneven, a breast lift surgery can alter them to make them appear alike. During the procedure, the breasts will be either reshaped or repositioned. Apart from changing the size of the breasts, the nipple and areola may also be repositioned. In some cases, reduction of the areola may help make your breasts symmetrical.

A breast lift surgery will leave behind scars that will gradually heal and fade over time, but they will not completely disappear. Despite the scarring, your breasts will look aesthetically appealing and symmetrical after the surgery, which will in turn help boost your self-esteem.

After a breast lift surgery, your breasts will feel and appear easy and lightweight as a result of the increased support. However, there will still be patients who will remain fixated on the decrease in cup size rather than the improvement in breast symmetry.


A breast lift surgery can help fix irregular and uneven breasts. The procedure can effectively remedy a difference in breast shape, size, or position. If some decrease in cup size is acceptable for you, you may go for a breast lifting surgery.

Reduction in cup size occurs as a side effect of the surgery and is completely unavoidable, as the surgeon must change the width and shape of your breasts to make them symmetrical. Decrease in cup size is acceptable for many women in order to achieve evenly shaped, positioned, and sized breasts.

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