Breast surgery and sun exposure

Breast surgery and sun exposure

05th Mar 2019

Breast surgery and sun exposure


Breast enhancement procedures are performed on a daily basis in countries all over the world, especially in the United States where they are among the most popular plastic surgery procedures. After a breast augmentation procedure, the patient can get the breasts she has always wanted: bigger, fuller and rounder.

The breast enhancement procedure entails a recovery period of no longer than two weeks. Afterwards, the patient can return to work and resume most activities.

Many patients interested in undergoing breast augmentation want to know if they can go to the beach and if it is safe for them to be out in the sun after the procedure. As a general rule of thumb, I advise my patients to avoid sun exposure both before and after breast augmentation. To better understand why sun exposure is not ideal when it comes to plastic surgery, we should discuss what happens during the procedure.

When breast implant surgery is performed, the plastic surgeon will perform incisions either on the breasts or in the axilla. Using the incisions, the surgeon will create a pocket inside the tissues of the breasts that will accommodate the implants. After the implants are inserted, the incisions are sutured and bandages are placed over the surgical wounds. A special post-op bra is also mandatory to be worn non-stop.

Sun exposure can affect the quality of the skin. Skin burns can be present or the skin can lose tonus and vitality. This can happen if the patient had sun exposure before the procedure. This means that the plastic surgeon will perform incisions on skin that is not in the best condition and this will affect the healing process. Moreover, sun exposure shortly after breast augmentation will not only delay the healing process but also affect the results.

How can the sun affect the results achieved with breast augmentation surgery? Well, it is all about the appearance of the scars. Breast augmentation is an aesthetic intervention, and this means that aside from beautifully contoured and bigger breasts, patients also want minimal scarring or scars that are difficult to notice with the naked eye. If the patient doesn’t avoid sun exposure, the scars can get hyperpigmented or discolored, and this will make them more visible.

Avoiding sun exposure for at least six months to a year after plastic surgery on the breasts is an important condition to the success of your procedure. If you have to go out in the sun or work outside, make sure to apply sunscreen lotion each and every time you go out and make sure you have clothes on that won’t allow the sun rays to get to your skin.


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