Breast surgery and what to expect after it

Breast surgery and what to expect after it

06th Dec 2021

Having smaller breasts can have a significant impact on a woman’s emotional condition. Many women with small breasts talk about how they had limited life choices before undergoing breast implant surgery which has changed the size of their breasts and opened more doors and opportunities for them.

Breast surgery is commonly performed nowadays, not only in the United States but all over the world. More and more people trust this elective surgery to change their bodies for the better and enhance their self-esteem levels. However, what you should know about breast implant surgery t is that it is not overly straight forward when it comes to the results and what to expect after it. It is true that when t implants are used, the breasts are bigger immediately; however, this doesn’t mean that the final results are visible immediately. So what should be expected after breast surgery?

It is normal and natural to expect a certain level of pain and discomfort, especially for the first few days post-op. This is when the body gets used to the implants that are stretching the tissues of the breasts. This is also when the patient is getting used to the new requirements such as not sleeping on the tummy. Some patients mention that the pain they experienced the first week after the surgery was mostly on the back as they were not used to spend so much time sleeping or resting on the back. The discomfort in the breasts can be experienced in the form of intense pressure or a burning sensation. Keep in mind that the first few days post-op are also more delicate as this is the time when an infection can develop. Always make sure to follow the recommendations of the plastic surgeon to the letter, keep the incision site clean and dry at all times, and avoid lifting heavy objects.

After the first few days have passed, the patient will notice that the swelling and bruising will become more obvious. These side effects might take a few weeks and even months to completely subside and leave room for the final results to occur. 

Another important aspect to discuss regarding breast implant surgery is the appearance of the chest in the first few months. What might be surprising to some patients is that the breasts will look bigger, but also very high on the chest wall. The look will be the one of a bodybuilder, and this might be disconcerting for some patients. This is just one stage of the healing process and it is important to know that the implants will drop and soften in a few months. It can take three to six months for this to happen, so make sure to give it enough time.

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