Breasts are uneven after mastopexy

Breasts are uneven after mastopexy

25th Nov 2020

Mastopexy is performed on patients suffering due to breast sagginess. Breast ptosis, as it is known in medical terms, is defined by the larger volume of the breasts positioned below the level of the inframammary fold. Often, the nipples are facing down instead of forward, and the breasts can have an empty upper pole. The only method to efficiently correct breast sagginess is with the help of a breast lift. 

Mastopexy or breast lift is performed with the patient under general anesthesia, and the procedure can take between one and two hours, depending on the technique chosen and whether other procedures are associated with it. Some patients will also get implants while undergoing breast lift to achieve superior aesthetic results. This is recommended if the breasts are small compared to the patient’s anatomy. At the same time, the breast lift surgery can also be combined with a breast reduction if the patient is suffering due to the overdevelopment of the mammary gland. It is a known fact that overly large breasts tend to sag earlier in life compared to smaller breasts, so reducing the size of the breasts will help you sustain the beautiful results of the procedure for longer. The plastic surgeon will assess the condition of your breasts and also the level of breast ptosis before making the recommendation for the suitable surgical plan.

After the procedure, the initial results are visible within the first month, but these are not the final results. The final results can take up to six or even nine months to transpire. During the initial stages of the recovery process, the breasts might look uneven as they can heal at different paces. This is normal and nothing to be worried about. It is important to see the plastic surgeon for the follow-up consultation to ensure the healing and cicatrization process are going smoothly. 

If the breasts are still uneven after a few months, the plastic surgeon might recommend a revision surgery. This is a complication that is rare, especially when a board-certified, experienced plastic surgeon is performing the procedure. 

The breasts can be uneven when the final results transpire because of different healing. Depending on the type of asymmetry, a revision surgery will be scheduled to correct the issue. Keep in mind that it is recommended to wait at least six months (preferably more) after the initial procedure before scheduling the revision surgery. The breasts need time to heal after the first mastopexy, and the unevenness might even correct itself when the recovery process is completed. 

Make sure to look after the surgical wounds according to the plastic surgeon’s instruction and to avoid infections that can occur during the initial stages of the recovery process as this might trigger uneven breasts after mastopexy. 

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