Breasts augmentation and tummy tuck for a hot mamma with before and after photos

15th Apr 2019

Her name is Megan Valdez and one year after her surgery, she couldn’t be more excited about her results. Her body rocks and she is more confident than ever, especially with the amazing shape of her breasts that were done using gummy bear implants, a new generation of implants that ensures a natural look with less complications.
Megan did a lot of research before scheduling her first appointment with Dr. Hourglass. Moreover, she knew exactly what she needed: to get rid of the love handles that got thicker after her pregnancies and to get a flat and firm tummy together with a more impressive bust. She was fully aware of the fact that the Hourglass tummy tuck was the recommended procedure for her case and she also chose gummy bear implants which are the ultimate generation of implants. She was ready to undergo the procedure! Like we always say, “an informed patient is a ready patient.”
Megan talks about the recovery period with a smile on her face, which is always great news! After a few days of soreness, the rest was just like recovering after childbirth or a C section, and this was her experience with the recovery period after undergoing a very complex surgery with multiple procedures. She admits that she was not happy before getting plastic surgery and now she is more comfortable in the clothes that she is wearing and happy with her body. Megan is a classic example of women who struggle to accept the appearance of their bodies after pregnancy and suffer due to a lack of confidence. Plastic surgery can help bring that confidence back!

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