Breasts that are too large: What can I do?

Breasts that are too large: What can I do?

16th Jul 2021

Breast augmentation surgery with implants is the most performed plastic surgery procedure in the world, together with liposuction. The procedure is so in demand as it allows women to get the breasts of their dreams in a matter of hours, with a short hospitalization and recovery period and permanent results. 

However, women who naturally have overly large breasts resort to plastic surgery to get the volume of their breasts reduced. Indeed, huge breasts are never a blessing, despite the number of celebrities displaying them on TV. When it comes to the breasts, they are without a doubt one of the most important symbols of femininity and sex appeal. They should have a good volume and a pleasant shape and be in harmony with the rest of the features of the body. 

Breasts that are overly large are rarely aesthetically pleasing as the disproportion can be flagrant and shocking in some cases. These patients suffer from what we call breast hypertrophy, or an excessive development of the mammary gland tissue that is causing an abnormal appearance of the breasts.

When breasts are too large, the patient can be confronted with back, neck and shoulder pain, along with pain in the breasts while trying to engage in sports or physical exercise. Tasks that are simple for other women could be associated with pain and discomfort for women with overly large breasts. Even sleeping can be a problem as the breasts put a lot of pressure on the chest cavity and the lungs, not to mention finding suitable clothes and lingerie.

If you are wondering what can you do about breasts that are too large, the answer is simple: breast reduction surgery. 

To get smaller breasts, you would need to see the plastic surgeon for a pre-operative consultation. During this initial meeting, he will assess your candidacy and recommend a suitable surgical plan that can be used for your particular case. You will be asked what you want to achieve and what are your aesthetic expectations. Keep in mind that realistic expectations guarantee better results. The plastic surgeon will explain the details of the operative plan, and you will get a chance to ask questions about the pre- and post-operative stages, as well as the potential complications and the long-term consequences associated with the procedure.

Keep in mind that in some cases the surgery can be supported by health insurance if the breast hypertrophy is severe. Make sure to ask the plastic surgeon about this and other payment options that are available. You will be surprised to find out that most plastic surgeons offer multiple payment methods and there are even financial institutions offering loans specifically for patients interested in getting plastic surgery.

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