Bringing your partner to a plastic surgery consultation

Bringing your partner to a plastic surgery consultation

28th Sep 2017


When considering a breast augmentation surgery, the choice of implants depends on the skin elasticity, breast dimensions, and the desires of the patient. To be able to determine the most suitable volume for the implants, the plastic surgeon must measure the width of the thorax and assess what breast tissue coverage is available to hide the implant.

There are dozens of models available for breast implants, with different forms, capacities, consistencies and textures. The important thing when considering breast augmentation surgery is choosing a plastic surgeon that has plenty of experience working with different types of implants.

When going to meet the plastic surgeon that will perform the procedure, most patients would like to bring their partner, while others don’t even consider this as an option.

Breast implant surgery

With advancements in plastic surgery that have been developed over recent years, breast implants can now be tailored to fit your chest. To be able to correct potential asymmetries, the surgeon might even decide to use different sized implants for both breasts. The main drawback for a breast augmentation with implant surgery is the risk of implant rotation.

The volume of implants vary between 125 and 575 cubic centimeters. In Europe, the average volume is approximately 280cc and 350cc in the United States. It appears to be a question of culture as in the United States, women prefer larger, more visible implants.

For the small and thin patients, plastic surgeons recommend a smaller implant not exceeding 300 cc. This will ensure a more natural result, whether when using an anatomical-shaped implant or a round one.

Based on the morphological data and the desire of the patient, the patient can choose the type of implant (the size and shape) after fitting a medical or sports bra. This will take place during the initial consultation with the plastic surgeon.

A breast implant of 200 cc can take the patient from a cup A to a cup B or from a cup B to a cup C. A 300 cc implant can offer a size and a half, from a cup A to a cup C.

Which breast implants are most suitable for the patient is advised by the plastic surgeon. After the examination of the patient’s anatomy, the surgeon will provide the best compromise between what the patient wants and what will suit her body to be able to achieve results that are as natural as possible.

The two types of implants that are available on the market in terms of shape are anatomical implants and round implants. They can be filled either with silicone gel or saline solution.

For both cases, there is a wide variety of implant shapes and profiles: low, intermediate projection (medium profile implants or moderate projection – most commonly used for a natural look), high projection (high profile) and even very strong projection. Beyond the shape and volume desired by the patient, the choice of breast implants also depends on the condition of the skin and mammary gland. The plastic surgeon will also take into consideration the possible presence of breast asymmetry or ptosis.

Initial consultation

During the initial consultation, the plastic surgeon will assess your anatomy and prepare you for a fitting session to help you choose the right implants. The surgeon can also use simulations made with computer software to show you how the results might look like. At the same time, the surgeon can show you before and after pictures of patients with similar characteristics to yours. The purpose of the discussion and meeting is to determine the type and size of the breast implants to be used, as well as to determine your eligibility for the procedure.

When choosing a plastic surgeon, keep in mind that budget should not be the priority. Breast implants have to be of high quality and manufactured by a reliable supplier. It is important to follow the doctor’s recommendation and take the time to study all the information you will be provided with. This is the only way to avoid being given faulty breast implants.

Should you bring your partner to consultation?

The decision to get breast augmentation is a big one, and it is normal to feel anxious during the initial consultation. Bringing your partner to the meeting with the plastic surgeon can make you feel more serene and supported. Keep in mind that a woman should only undergo breast augmentation for her own benefit. When considering plastic surgery to improve your appearance, don’t let anyone else other than your doctor influence your decision.

The appearance of the breasts is connected to the intimacy of the couple. However, the plastic surgeon has the responsibility to clarify the patient’s motivations for undergoing aesthetic surgery. This is why the plastic surgeon will make sure to discuss the desires of the patient and the reasons why the plastic surgery is requested.

During the consultation, your partner must listen attentively to the surgeon and support you no matter what. In some cases, it is the partner who wants the surgery performed more than the patient. The surgeon has a responsibility to check the patient’s desires and make sure that she is not being pressured by her partner.

If you feel like your partner is forcing you, make sure to assess the risks and complications before making a decision. The cosmetic surgery is meant for you and no one else. Do not let others decide for yourself.


There are women who want to undergo breast augmentation surgery for themselves but find it easier and more comforting to take their partners to the initial consultation. However, there are also cases where it is the partner who seems to be the decision-maker for the couple.

Undergoing plastic surgery with the purpose to please someone else is never a good idea. A responsible plastic surgeon will make it a priority to focus only on the patient, as she is the one who needs to be aware of all the processes involved and what to expect after the surgery.

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