Butt and hip augmentation in the same sitting

Butt and hip augmentation in the same sitting

22nd Sep 2018

As most of the fat deposits or abnormalities tend to form around your hips or buttocks, both augmentations require more attention. Whether you need liposuction or you just want to enlarge your buttocks and hips using implants, you need to understand that your body sometimes cannot be subjected to many interventions. When dealing with butt or hip augmentation, we need to highlight some main aspects that will make either both procedures possible or not.

Augmentation itself

When we use this term, we need to understand that augmentation refers to a change in shape. For both of the procedures, augmentation does not necessarily mean implants. Changing the shape around your hips can be made either with liposuction or attaching implants. The same goes for buttocks. For both augmentations however, you can use a fat transfer procedure along with liposuction as both can go together perfectly if you want to lose some weight around hips and enlarge your posterior at the same time.

One procedure for hip and butt augmentation

Both procedures can usually go together. As we perform changes in almost the same area, it will be easy for the surgeon to fix them both at the same time. However, it is difficult to have them both using fat transfer, as the doctor will obviously need too many fat deposits for the hips and buttocks.

If you are a good candidate for fat transfer, a better way to deal with this issue is to use your own fat deposits for your hips and choose implants for your buttocks. As for the costs, it is much cheaper to have them both at the same time. During your recovery, you need to follow specific steps in order for your body to heal faster. Avoid any sudden moves that involve movements from the lower part of your body and try not to sit on hard surfaces. Better to use a pillow on your chair, for example.

As the recovery period will be prolonged for a combined hip and butt augmentation, bear in mind that you will need to take an extended leave from your job. No matter what your job is, staying inside the house during your first two weeks is essential. If your work involves physical effort, a 2-3 week holiday is a must.

Choosing to have a hip procedure with a butt augmentation at the same time is a common choice nowadays, and one that I highly recommend. Usually, I prefer to use gluteal implants or fat transfer to increase the size of the buttocks, harvest fat through liposuction, process it, and then reinject it to the hips to better contour the area.

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