Butt Augmentation

18th Oct 2018

The buttocks become saggy as a result of factors like aging, gravity, loss of skin elasticity, genetic tendencies, pregnancies, and drastic weight changes. The buttocks are an important part of the human body, and there is no doubt that saggy buttocks appear aesthetically unappealing. The modern standards of beauty require women to have firmer, perkier, and toned buttocks.
No matter what has caused your buttocks to sag, there are options available to treat the condition. Which option is suitable for you depends on the extent of sagginess in the buttocks and your aesthetic goals.
If your buttocks are mildly saggy and the condition is affecting your self-esteem, you may consider butt augmentation surgery. If there is excess fat in your body, it can be removed and grafted in your buttocks to treat the mild sagginess.
During the procedure, liposuction is used to remove the excess fat from body areas like the abdomen and then transferred to the buttocks. The fat will fill the loose skin, which will make your buttocks firmer and youthful.
On the other hand, butt implants of small sizes can be used to treat mildly saggy buttocks. The implants will be placed inside through incisions. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and on an outpatient basis. The implants come in different sizes, but patients should avoid getting large implants because that would make the buttocks saggier.
On the other hand, if your buttocks are moderately or extremely saggy, you should consider the butt lift surgery. During the surgery, which is performed under general anesthesia, the excess skin will be surgically removed from your buttocks together with the excess fat that might be catalyzing the condition. The incisions will then be sutured and closed.
Some of the results of the butt lift may be immediately visible. However, complete aesthetic outcomes of the procedure will be noticeable only after the post-operative swelling has disappeared and your body has recuperated from the surgical trauma. Your buttocks will become firmer, perkier, sensuous, and aesthetically appealing. The improvements in your buttocks will make you appear youthful.
To conclude, buttock implants and fat transfer are effective for treating mildly saggy buttocks, and the traditional butt lift procedure is suitable for treating severely or moderately saggy buttocks.

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