Butt Augmentation-Are butt implant better than fat grafting?-Dr.Cortes

18th Oct 2018

The two major plastic surgery procedures to enhance your buttocks are butt implants and fat grafting. There are many patients who wonder whether butt implants are better than fat grafting. In this video, we will discuss whether butt implants are a good option for you than fat transfer.
Butt implant and fat grafting are completely different procedures. As the names suggest, butt implant involves the placing of artificial objects inside your buttocks, whereas fat grafting involves the use of your own body fat to deliver you the desired aesthetic outcomes.
Both of these options come with their own pros and cons. Whether butt implant is better for you depends on your aesthetic goals. The procedure is better for you if you don’t have enough fat for your buttocks.
The fat grafting surgery can add only mild to moderate projection to your buttocks. The primary goal of fat grafting is to make your buttocks shapelier and increase the size of your buttocks. On the other hand, the primary goal of the butt implant procedure is to increase the size of your buttocks. That is why I always combine buttock implants and fat grafting because fat grafting will give you the shape.
Another advantage of butt implants is that the results are long lasting even if you lose weight. Butt implants are made of semi-solid silicone material, which is highly durable and immune to ruptures and leaks. This means once you get the implants, the achieved aesthetic results will remain with you for a lifetime. However, if complications like implant displacement, capsular contracture, or infections occur, it may become necessary to remove the implants.
The results of fat transfer procedure are also reliable and sustainable; however, weight loss after the procedure can lead to shrinkage of your buttocks. This isn’t the case with butt implants.
Also, to qualify for the fat transfer procedure, you will be required to have excess fat in your body that could be used as donor fat. If you don’t have excess fat in your body, the butt implant surgery is better for you.
On the downside, the results of the butt implants are not as natural as the fat transfer procedure. Also, the procedure is riskier than fat grafting surgery when it comes to infection since it involves the use of artificial objects instead of your own body fat.
Make sure to research the pros and cons of butt implants and fat transfer before choosing the type of buttock enhancement procedure.

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