Butt Augmentation Benefits of fat transfer

18th Oct 2018

The autologous fat transfer to the buttocks is nowadays a very in-demand plastic surgery procedure used to enhance the appearance of the buttocks. Many patients consider it the best option when it comes to increasing the size of the buttocks as it uses no foreign objects, the recovery period is not very long, and the improvement in the silhouette contour is visible.
So what are the benefits of the fat transfer to the buttocks?
1. A natural aspect and consistency of the buttocks
The buttocks are naturally made out of fat and muscle. When using lipofilling to augment the size of the buttocks, we transfer fat, and this is a normal component of the area. This means that the result will look completely natural and the consistency of the butt will be no different than a normal buttock. Because there are no silicone implants, the normally positioned fat will give a natural firmness to the area.
2. It is a two-in-one intervention
The condition to benefit from the fat transfer procedure is to have at least one donor area from where the plastic surgeon has to extract the fat needed for the transfer. This means that during the procedure, the donor area will be treated with liposuction, hence its contours are greatly improved. During this intervention, you can sculpt some areas of your body that have excess fat deposits and also augment the buttocks.
3. Almost invisible scars
For the fat transfer, the plastic surgeon will only make very small incisions to introduce the cannulas to harvest the fat from the donor areas. In other words, the incision sites are tiny. The scars will be very small and practically invisible. The fat is then introduced into the buttocks via syringes.
4. Fast recovery and minimum amount of pain
The recovery after the fat transfer to the buttocks is much shorter than butt implant surgery. The procedure is also almost pain-free. However, keep in mind that you will be required to avoid sitting on your buttocks for at least three weeks until the fat transfer gets a new blood network.
5. A buttock as big as you want
When it comes to butt implants, there is a limit to the size of the implants. But for butt augmentation with fat transfer, we can use as much as 1 liter of fat to increase the size of the buttocks. Of course, the requirement is for the patient to have deposits of fat in other areas of the body. Also, keep in mind that repetitive procedures might be needed to achieve the size you desire.
The butt augmentation with fat transfer is a good option encompassing many benefits for people who are eligible candidates for the procedure.

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