Butt augmentation candidates – do i qualify?

Butt augmentation candidates – do i qualify?

15th Dec 2014

Still, not every woman is an ideal candidate for Buttock Augmentation. Here at Baby Got Butt, we’re committed to the safety and welfare of our patients which is why we’ll always offer impartial advice prior to agreeing to carry out even the most minor cosmetic procedures.

In the case of butt augmentation, who qualifies?

In terms of overall aesthetics there are essentially no qualification criteria whatsoever – if you’re unhappy with the shape of your butt, we can help. We’re certainly not about taking the already beautiful and transforming it into something quite over the top, but even if it takes just a slight correction to boost your butt and your confidence, we can make it happen.

By contrast, in order to qualify for butt surgery you will, of course, have to be in generally good health and have no underlying conditions that could complicate the procedure. Those who have had prior butt surgery may not qualify for further augmentation. Neither will those who have suffered certain injuries or health complaints around the area to be treated.

More than anything else, we believe it’s crucial to have the right attitude. Will a butt augmentation change your world and instantly make you the person you’ve always dreamed you can be? Perhaps not, but if you’ve been living with a butt that’s been cramping your style a little too long, we’re definitely the people to call.

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