Butt augmentation incisions

Butt augmentation incisions

03rd Jan 2019

Butt augmentation incisions

If you ever thought about augmenting your buttocks, the first thing that came to your mind was probably the placement of your incisions. Scars are a major concern for patients undergoing butt enhancement procedures, as the area around the buttocks entails certain risks and complications. An experienced plastic surgeon will try to hide the scars in areas that are more likely to be covered by your underwear or swimwear.
There are two types of buttock augmentation, and they are differentiated by the procedure used. You can either enhance your volume using implants or by having a fat transfer if your body has sufficient fat deposits that can be harvested.
Assuming that your surgeon can augment your buttocks using your own fat deposits, the incisions used for this specific procedure are small and barely noticeable. A fat transfer procedure will require incisions around 3 mm, and they are positioned in the donor areas. As liposuction is used for harvesting your fat deposits, the cannula does not usually require a big incision. Most of the fat cells are usually harvested from the abdominal area, as this area usually tends to accumulate a larger amount of fat. As for the incision along your buttocks used for the transfer, the injections will target different areas of the buttocks and will go at different depths into the butt tissue for a symmetric fat disposition and in an attempt to correct other imperfections such as butt sagginess.
Gluteal implants require either one incision in the middle of your buttocks (also known as intergluteal cleft) or two incisions along each buttock. The scars are quite small (between 5 and 7 cm) and can be easily hidden by your underwear. Using two incisions, your surgeon will be able to give your buttocks a nice curvature and shape. As incisions for gluteal implants tend to be bigger, you will need to be careful when choosing your plastic surgeon. More experienced surgeons know exactly how to hide your scars due to the fact that they have a lot of practice. Of course, the incision will be determined by the size of the implants and the anatomy of your buttocks. Because the gluteal implants are prefilled, the size of the implants will determine the size of the incision. Even if there are three types of possible locations for the implants, the placement of the incisions will not change. An incision in the gluteal cleft can be used to place your implants above the muscle, below the fascia of the muscle, or in between the muscle fibers.
For both types of augmentation, your plastic surgeon can guide you through the best possible way to have your incisions placed in such a way that you do not have to worry about them after your surgery. Even if scars do not disappear, they tend to fade in time, and with a proper incision placement, there is no need for you be worried about them.


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