Butt augmentation indicationsâ 

Butt augmentation indicationsâ 

05th Oct 2019


Getting a bigger, rounder and more appealing butt is a desire for many men and women alike. Fortunately, this dream is achievable nowadays with the help of plastic surgery. Butt augmentation can be performed either using the patient’s own fat cells harvested from areas where adipose tissue is in excess or with gluteal implants made of silicone. Both procedures are commonly performed nowadays, sometimes even in combination. 

Just like any other surgical procedure, butt augmentation surgery has certain indications for pre-operative care. Even during the initial meeting with the plastic surgeon, the patient will get an understanding of what the preparation for butt augmentation entails. If fat transfer is recommended, the patient might be required to gain more weight before the procedure. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, especially for patients who are rather thin as the plastic surgeon might assess that they don’t have sufficient fat in the body to qualify for fat grafting. There is no need to be worried if this is the recommendation as we are talking about no more than 5kg that patients should put on before undergoing the procedure. Keep in mind that this fat will be extracted with liposuction when fat transfer is performed. 

When implants are used, the patient is advised to stop taking birth control pills a month before the procedure and also to avoid taking anti-inflammatory medication containing aspirin at least fourteen days before the procedure. These indications are also valid for fat transfer; however, they are mandatory in the case of butt implant surgery. The procedure entails incisions that are longer than in the case of fat transfer. This means that there is a higher risk of excessive bleeding that is even more accentuated when taking certain anti-inflammatory medication such as aspirin. Birth control medication needs to be stopped to minimize the risk of developing a blood clot after the procedure.

The plastic surgeon will also give you indications regarding the preparations in the house before going to the medical clinic or hospital to undergo butt augmentation. The week before the procedure, the patient should prepare the house for the recovery period. This means that any cleaning, cooking, and shopping should be done a few days in advance. Keep in mind that after the procedure, you won’t be able to drive for at least a week or two as you won’t be able to sit directly on your butt. You will also be under the effects of the pain medication prescribed to alleviate the pain and discomfort that can occur at the beginning of the recovery period. Make sure to follow the butt augmentation indications received from the plastic surgeon.

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