Butt augmentation: main recommendations

Butt augmentation: main recommendations

16th Feb 2019

When physical exercises fail to deliver the butt of your dreams, there is just one solution that is the answer to all your prayers: butt augmentation surgery. Nowadays the procedure can be performed either with the patient’s own fat cells or with gluteal silicone implants, depending on the anatomy of the patient and the objectives of the procedure. Fat transfer can only be an option for patients who have an excess of adipose tissue in other areas of the body such as the abdomen and the flanks. For thin patients, butt implants are often the only effective method to get a considerable increase in the size of the buttocks.

Here are the main recommendations for patients interested in getting a butt augmentation procedure:

Be honest about your medical history

Butt augmentation that involves the use of silicone implants is quite a complex procedure that can be associated with potential risks and complications, especially if the patient is not in good health and emotional condition. This is why the recommendation is to have the procedure done only if you are in good shape. It is important to be honest about your medical history, current health conditions, medication and allergies to allow the plastic surgeon to form an idea about what needs special attention before, during and after the surgery.

Avoid intense physical exercise before and after the procedure

Most patients find out during the pre-operative consultation that there will be a time off from all intense physical exercises after butt augmentation. This is important for patients undergoing butt implant surgery as well as fat transfer. However, patients should also understand that before the procedure, they should rest and relax and not engage in strenuous physical exercises either. The muscles of the buttocks will be impacted during the surgery, and it is preferable to have them in good condition and not recovering from intense activities.

Get a butt pillow

This might sound like a joke, but it is certainly not. Sitting directly on the buttocks as well as lying on the back is to be avoided for at least three weeks post-op until the incisions are fully closed. This means the patient will need a pillow when sitting down. There are different special pillows that can be used after butt augmentation surgery, just keep in mind that the pillow should be placed under the hamstring and not directly under the buttocks. Talk to the plastic surgeon about the type of pillow recommended and make sure you get at least one before having your procedure. Moreover, you should consider getting a pillow for your workplace as well as your home if you plan to resume work after two weeks or sooner.

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