Butt augmentation medicines and creams: are they really effective?

Butt augmentation medicines and creams: are they really effective?

14th Jan 2019

Shapelier, round, and bigger buttocks are a hot trend these days, thanks to the media and celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez. If you are reading this, chances are you have already seen or heard advertisements that claim to make your buttocks bigger and shapelier within a week or month without going under the knife. There is no doubt that these claims seem too good to be true.

The people behind these ads actually exaggerate their claims and attempt to capitalize on your insecurities and lower self-esteem. Any woman with smaller or flatter buttocks would like to augment her buttocks as quickly as she can and without experiencing too much trauma. There are many people online and offline that offer medicines (pills) and creams, claiming they can augment your buttocks within days or weeks. The fact is that they are out to rob you of your hard-earned money. Pills and creams are not going to deliver you any noticeable and reliable aesthetic results.

The scam of butt augmentation pills and creams

As of now, there is no pill and cream on earth that can augment your buttocks. Since bigger buttocks are a hot trend, there are many people and companies out there with the pills and creams scam. They simply want to make some quick bucks by cashing in on the trend and your insecurities about your body. The manufacturers of these medicines and creams brand them as a magic or miracle way to get the buttocks of your dreams without going under the knife and without exercise.

The reality is that these things never work. They are scams. There is no FDA-approved medicine, supplement, or cream that can augment your buttocks. Some patients may notice shine and smoothness in their butt skin and think the medicine has worked. What the medicines and creams do is make your skin shinier and smoother, feeding you a fallacy of bigger buttocks. After you stop taking the medicines or creams, you will see that your buttocks would look the same as they were before you started to use the medicines or creams.

It has also been found that some manufacturers use steroids and other dangerous substances in these pills and creams. What the steroid pills do is they boost the look for your buttocks and other body areas quickly; however, they damage your immune system. They will increase your appetite and you may eat more, as a result of which your buttocks may somehow become bigger (as do your abdomen and other body areas). It is never guaranteed that the fat will get deposited in your buttocks. The fat may build up in your abdomen and sides, making you appear aesthetically unappealing. Longer use of steroid pills and creams can lead to life-threatening conditions. Unfortunately, when you stop taking the medications, your skin and buttocks would become worse.

There are also some pills and creams that come with workout videos and certain body shaping garments. They too are ineffective. The goal of the manufacturers is to earn some easy money. They claim that the pills, creams, and special garments would work together to make your buttocks firmer, bigger, and shapelier. Again, the creams may make your skin shinier, but they will never deliver any reliable and effective results.

Patients must bear in mind that the FDA hasn’t approved even a single cream or pill for buttock augmentation. Those creams and pills are overly glorified, and their benefits are exaggerated. They are often sold in small jars or tubes at huge prices. For instance, in most cases, a tiny tube of the cream is normally sold for $50-$80. It contains only a few ounces of the cream. The manufacturers instruct the patients to use the creams regularly, which means the price can add up extremely quickly. My advice to my patients is to never fall for the so-called butt augmentation pills and creams scam.

FDA-approved methods to augment your buttocks

The only reliable, effective, FDA-approved, tested and proven way to augment your buttocks is through plastic surgery. The FDA has approved two plastic surgery procedures for butt augmentation: implant surgery and fat transfer. If you want to make your buttocks bigger and shapelier, you should consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon instead of spending a huge sum of money on dangerous pills and creams that don’t deliver any results.

Butt implant surgery involves the use of artificial objects called gluteal implants to add projection to and enhance the buttocks. The gluteal implants are made of semi-solid silicone material that is approved by the FDA. The implants are inserted into and placed inside the buttocks through incisions. The good news is that the results of butt implants are permanent. Unlike breast implants, you will not be required to remove or replace the implants under normal conditions.

On the other hand, the fat transfer surgery, more popularly known as the Brazilian butt lift, involves the use of your own body fat to augment your backside. If you have excess fat in your body, you may qualify for this procedure. The fat is removed from fat donor sites like the abdomen and sides and then injected into the buttocks, resulting in bigger, shapelier, and sexier buttocks.


The trend of bigger, rounder and shapelier buttocks has attracted many companies and people into the business. There are many companies out there that promise to augment your buttocks within days or weeks without exercise or plastic surgery. This is a scam. They are simply attempting to exploit your insecurities about your physical appearance. The reality is that there are no medicines or creams that have been approved by the FDA for buttock augmentation.

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