Butt augmentation safety measures

Butt augmentation safety measures

04th Mar 2018

Buttock augmentation can be efficiently achieved with the help of two plastic surgery procedures: fat grafting and implant surgery. Both procedures provide good results and are recommended in different cases, depending on the anatomy of the patient, the desired results, and other factors.

Both procedures are complex and associated with certain risks and potential complications that can be avoided by choosing an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon who performs the procedure in an accredited facility with all safety protocols in place.

When it comes to safety measures, you should know that most plastic surgeons will perform the procedure with the patient on antibiotic treatment through the IV. Also, the butt implants should be thoroughly disinfected with a special solution. This way we avoid potential deep tissue infections that could occur and determine the need for a revision surgery to remove the implants and clean the area. The patient is advised to continue the antibiotics treatment for five more days after the surgery is performed.

While it is not necessarily a safety measure by all standards, it is important to choose the right size of implants. Good results and minimizing the complications that could potentially occur are possible only if the implants are suitable for the patient’s anatomy and properly covered by the tissues of the buttocks. Otherwise, the implants could be visible and even cause wound dehiscence if they are too big and pulling on the incisions. When the right size is selected, butt implants are safe medical devices that are not associated with severe potential complications. Moreover, gluteal implants don’t require to be removed and replaced after a certain period of time as they are designed to last longer than breast implants.

If you are considering fat transfer to the buttocks, it is associated with a lower risk of developing an infection. However, the patient is recommended to take antibiotics for five days as well. The fat that is collected with the help of liposuction should be processed and purified using a complex device to ensure that only the purest and healthiest fat cells are re-injected into the buttocks. The procedure is also safe and efficient and has been performed with good results for many years now.

Patient safety is important when it comes to complex procedures such as butt augmentations with implants or fat grafting. The patient should always choose a board-certified plastic surgeon who is also experienced in performing the procedure, has a keen eye for detail, and is committed to doing his best for the patient’s wellbeing. The facility where the procedure is performed also plays a role, and it needs to be accredited and have all the safety protocols in place.

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