Butt augmentation secrets

Butt augmentation secrets

13th Oct 2019


When considering undergoing a procedure so complex and major as butt augmentation surgery, it is good to know a few secrets. The first and most important secret you should know is that choosing the right plastic surgeon for your procedure can really make all the difference. The plastic surgeon you have chosen should be not only board-certified but also well versed in performing this exact procedure. You might find it interesting to discover that not all plastic surgeons perform procedures on the buttocks. This area is very delicate, the anatomy is tricky, and it can easily lead to botched results when the surgeon doesn’t know what he is doing. So, choosing a plastic surgeon who performs this procedure routinely and with high success rates is highly important.

Aside from choosing the right surgeon, there is a decision you need to make during the pre-operative consultation and after discussing things through with the plastic surgeon. This is related to the type of butt augmentation. Nowadays there are two different types of procedures that can be performed. One uses the patient’s own fat cells to add volume to the butt while the other entails the use of silicone implants with the same aim in mind. The results achieved with these two procedures are very different. In some cases, they can even be performed in combination to achieve superior results, especially for patients who desire a considerable augmentation and with results that look completely natural. 

The secrets you should know is that butt augmentation with implants should be chosen by patients who want an increase in the size of the butt that can be easily estimated and controlled, along with having an impressive projection as the implants are positioned only in the upper part of the butt. For patients who want overall roundness and fullness, as well as a better-defined shape and not necessarily an incredible projection, fat transfer is the better option. Of course, you need to keep in mind that to be eligible for fat transfer, the patient needs to have unwanted adipose tissue in one or multiple areas of the body that can be addressed with liposuction. Performing liposuction on these areas should ensure a sufficient amount of fat cells to be used for grafting into the butt.

When talking about butt augmentation secrets, we also need to mention the recovery period. The recovery period after butt augmentation can be more difficult and demanding on the patient compared to the recovery after different types of plastic surgery procedures. However, the results achieved with these procedures are not possible to be attained in any other way. Moreover, the discomforts associated with the recovery period after butt augmentation can easily be alleviated by taking pain medication prescribed by the plastic surgeon and following his advice to the letter. 


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