Butt augmentation surgery: preconditions andcandidates for the procedure

Butt augmentation surgery: preconditions andcandidates for the procedure

16th Nov 2015

Butt augmentation,also known as butt enlargement,can be achieved through safe surgical procedures thathave been developed over the years.The most common procedure in the past used silicone implants; however,the fat transfer method, where fat from other parts of the body like the abdomen and back istransferred to the buttocks to make themlook fatter and rounder, is gaining in popularity. Buttocks enlargement can help give you a more feminine hourglass figure. For those with flat behinds, butt augmentation can help you look more curvaceous. Many women find that their waists seem smaller after butt enlargement.

Who Should Go In for Butt Augmentation?

Women and men with an absence of projection and volume inthe gluteal region should certainly exercise this option. With the trend toward fitness and muscle development, women are looking for a pert, more voluminous buttock, either surgically or through exercise. Some patients suffer from deformities, whichcan be congenital or acquired, occurring from childhood or appearing in adult life. Deficiencies in volume and projection are generally due to muscular hypotrophy and lack of fat in the upper gluteal region. With age, excess fat in the hip area, tummy, and thighs descends to the lower third of the buttock, giving the appearance of heavy, flattened buttocks.

Pre-Conditions for Buttocks Augmentation Surgery

Heart disease and all other medical illnesses need to be monitored first by an internist or specialist.If you are anemic, or have a low blood count, please notify your surgeon well in advance of surgery so that you can start on iron supplements. You cannot have surgery if you are anemic.

Pre-operative laboratory blood and urine tests are done usually within 10 days of your surgery date. If you have specific medical illnesses, allergies, or physical handicaps, please notify the surgeon during your pre-operative visit. Please refrain from taking aspirin, Aleve, Advil, Motrin, or other NSAIDs for 10days before your surgery. These drugs can increase the incidence of bleeding and bruising.

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