Butt augmentation with fat transfer with other people fat

18th Oct 2018

Fat transfer to the butt, more popular as the Brazilian butt lift, is an effective and popular plastic surgery intervention. The procedure delivers natural and safer outcomes because it uses your own body fat to help you achieve the desired aesthetic goals. In order to qualify for the fat transfer procedure, you need to have excess, unwanted fat in your body.
While many patients have excess fat in localized areas of their bodies like the abdomen, sides, flanks, thighs, upper back, and arms, there are others who are slim and lack enough donor fat. As such, they wonder whether other people can donate fat to them for the surgery.
Unfortunately, you cannot use someone else’s fat for transfer to your butt or other body areas unless the donor is your identical twin. Fat transfer is basically a tissue transfer, which is not possible without an identical match of tissue. If someone else’s fat is used, your immune system will consider it a foreign agent and reject it. The fat will not survive as a result. You will notice that the fat has melted away within some weeks.
There are many patients who argue that since organs like kidneys can be donated, why can’t fat? First off, when it comes to organ donation, the donor and the recipient’s closest tissue matching is critical in that as well. Despite this, the patient’s immune system attacks the organ, considering it a foreign object. In order to avoid this, the patient is put on immunosuppressant drugs for the rest of his or her life. Even then, the immune system could damage the donated organ, and the immunosuppressant medications come with life-threatening risks and side effects.
Fortunately, you still have options to consider if you lack enough body fat to qualify for the fat transfer surgery. First, you may opt to get implants to make your butt fuller and shapelier. If you don’t want to get butt implants, you can gain weight to be considered for fat transfer in future. I have seen many patients who have successfully gained enough weight within a few months to qualify for the fat transfer procedure.

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