Butt augmentation with fillers

Butt augmentation with fillers

25th Jan 2019

Butt Augmentation With Fillers


When it comes to increasing the size of the buttocks, people become more and more creative. While plastic surgery becomes more and more available and affordable for people coming from different economic backgrounds, there are still those looking for an augmentation that is a bit cheaper. Butt augmentation with fillers is a hot topic for discussion nowadays, especially after the mass media covered the news of people dying due to having different substances inserted into the buttocks for augmentation purposes.

For an educated patient, the first thing that should come to mind when it comes to butt augmentation with fillers should be fat transfer to the buttocks. This is the only safe and efficient procedure that can be used for buttock augmentation purposes. Using the patient’s own fat tissue to increase the volume of the butt and improve its shape is a popular practice nowadays. However, keep in mind that the procedure should be performed only by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon to get satisfactory results that last in time.

Unfortunately, the uneducated person looking for a cheaper butt augmentation can take into consideration other types of filler substances. There have been people who accepted having cement injected into their buttocks to increase the size of their butt. As you can imagine, things can’t go well when you have cement inside your body. Different complications can occur that can threaten the life of the patient, and even death is possible. Silicone injections are another practice that is still performed, despite being illegal and very dangerous.

The silicone used for the injections is different from the silicone butt implants used in plastic surgery. Before anything else, we should mention that the silicone used for implants is a medical type used for many other different devices including ones used for heart surgery. The silicone used for injection to the buttocks is the industrial type of silicone that can be found anywhere in a hardware store. This silicone is obviously not meant for internal use. It can migrate to other areas of the body, get into the bloodstream, and cause severe complications. Moreover, even the aesthetic consequences can be off-putting for the patient. In many cases, the silicone injected into the buttocks will concentrate in certain areas, and lumps and nodules will be formed. The buttocks can look swollen and bruised. In many cases, the patient loses all sensation in different parts of the butt, so numbness is commonly associated with silicone butt injections.

The only safe filler for the buttocks that should be used for augmentation purposes is the patient’s own fat cells. The procedure is called butt lipofilling, fat transfer, or fat grafting. It is a minimally invasive procedure that should only be performed in an accredited medical facility or hospital. It leaves behind little scars, often no longer than 3-4 mm in the areas treated with liposuction and on the buttocks.


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