Butt augmentation with implants

Butt augmentation with implants

06th Nov 2016

Using implants to improve the aesthetic appearance of the body has become a trend among modern women. Breast augmentation via implants has increased sharply over the past ten years. Figures show that 5 to 10 million breast implant surgeries are performed across the world every year, with most of them being completed in the United States.

Just like breast augmentation, butt augmentation has also become a modern trend, thanks to the media and celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez. Butt augmentation via butt implants is one of the most commonly used procedures among women who desire to get round, full, and curvy behinds. Many people often confuse the silicone breast implant with the silicone butt implant. There is a huge difference between these two types of implants.

Unlike the silicone gel breast implants that are soft and have a natural feel, buttock implants are made of firm, solid silicone. Buttock implants will make the rear ends harder to the touch. The implants would augment your butt in the middle areas but not on the sides, leaving many patients disappointed because they also want to sculpt the sides of their buttocks. It is important to understand that this factor makes a huge difference, because there are cultural differences which often govern the various butt augmentation procedures.

Also, people who get butt implants are more prone to infections. One study suggests that buttock implant patients have 20 to 30 percent infection rate. Infections have the tendency to trigger further health complications. Therefore, when an implant becomes infected, it is recommended to get it removed for the sake of the patient’s safety.

Given the shortcomings of butt implants and the potential complications after the surgery, I recommend for my patients the butt augmentation via fat transfer. As popular as the Brazilian butt lift, this procedure is very adaptable, letting me sculpt and enhance the butt according to the patient’s aesthetic goals and expectations. Even better, the risk of infection is very low, scarring is minimal, and the results are impressive and natural. Your overall body shape also becomes enhanced as a result of fat extraction from localized areas of your body.


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