Butt augmentation with liposuction

Butt augmentation with liposuction

24th Mar 2019



Modern society puts a lot of value on the physical appearance of the individual. Numerous studies show that a person with a pleasant aesthetic appearance has more chances to succeed on a professional level, as well as socially. This is probably one of the reasons why plastic surgery has seen a rise in demand over the last few years. Moreover, it is now affordable for most people to undergo plastic surgery to enhance features of their body or correct imperfections.

Butt augmentation procedures are often requested by both men and women. We all want to have a perky and round butt. Despite what you might have heard or read, there are little chances to achieve an impressive and long-lasting augmentation of the butt with physical exercise.

The aim of the butt augmentation procedure is to increase the volume and projection of the butt. The surgery involves getting a natural profile and volume of the buttocks with a smooth line towards the thighs and the waist. Butt augmentation can be performed using two methods and can be done as a stand-alone procedure or in combination with other plastic surgeries.

Buttock augmentation methods

To find out what butt augmentation procedure is the optimal treatment plan to deliver your desired results, you will need to have a consultation with the plastic surgeon. You might come to the plastic surgeon’s office decided that you want to get a fat transfer or implants only to find out during the consultation that this is not actually the best course of action for your particular case. Plastic surgery in general and butt augmentation in particular are highly customized procedures. In other words, what was perfect for your friend and even your twin sister might not be the optimal solution for you.

During the pre-operative consultation, the plastic surgeon will discuss with you about your medical history, current medication, allergies, and ask what results you would like to achieve. Once these are clear, the surgeon will also perform a medical examination of the tissues of the buttocks to assess the condition of the skin, gluteal muscles, and fat layer.

Depending on your anatomy and expectations from the surgery, the plastic surgeon will recommend a surgical plan. The options are implant, fat transfer, or a combination of the two procedures.


Fat transfer to the buttocks

Many patients ask about the natural method to augment the size of the buttocks. This is through fat transfer. The procedure delivers results that are completely natural, entails minimal risks and has the main benefit of reshaping other areas of the body (usually the midline) aside from improving the appearance of the buttocks.

When fat transfer is done, the plastic surgeon will collect the required amount of fat with the help of liposuction. Liposuction is performed on the donor areas (abdomen, flanks, lower back, thighs, etc.). The fat is processed and reinjected into the buttocks with a special syringe.

The patient is released from the medical facility within hours after waking up from the anesthesia, but the recommendation is to have someone take you home as driving is not possible so soon after surgery.

The initial results achieved with fat transfer are visible right after the procedure. But for the first two months, the volume of the buttocks is larger due to the fact that a certain volume of the fat injected will be reabsorbed by the body during this period. In other words, the buttocks will get smaller up to 30% in the first two months after fat transfer is performed.

To sustain the results permanently, the patient needs to be committed to keeping a constant weight. Any type of weight fluctuation can affect and alter the results achieved with the procedure.

The procedure can only be performed on patients with underlying fat tissue that can provide the necessary amount of adipose cells for fat grafting. For patients who don’t have fat in excess in other areas of the body, the recommended procedure is butt implants.


Butt implants

Butt implant surgery is not for women alone. Men can also benefit from this type of procedure. Butt augmentation with implants can last up to two hours and is performed under general anesthesia. It has a short hospitalization period and the recovery is no longer than two weeks.

To insert the implants, the plastic surgeon will perform incisions in the fold between the butt cheeks or in the fold that connects the thighs with the buttocks. In this way, we ensure that the scar is less visible and masked by the natural folds of the body. The procedure consists of creating a pocket in the gluteal muscles or under the muscles where the implant is introduced. Drain tubes might be inserted close to the surgical site after the procedure to help with draining the fluids that could otherwise collect at the surgical area. The drain tubes will be removed at the plastic surgeon’s office one or two days after the procedure.

Butt implant surgery is performed only with silicone implants, and it delivers different results. The size of the buttocks after the procedure is dependent on the volume of implants used, aside from the patient’s anatomy. Many people choose butt implant surgery because it delivers impressive results practically overnight and there is no effort involved in sustaining the results of the procedure in the long run.


Butt augmentation with liposuction

Nowadays it is more and more common for patients undergoing plastic surgery to combine procedures to achieve a superior aesthetic result. Moreover, the cost is smaller than if two separate procedures are performed and the patient only has to have one session of anesthesia and one recovery period.

A procedure that is commonly associated with butt augmentation is liposuction. Liposuction is a natural part of fat transfer when it is performed in areas that can deliver the necessary amount of fat for the transfer. But there are also cases when patients want to have liposuction in other areas, usually smaller areas to improve the appearance of the body such as the arms, calves, and knees, among others.

When butt implant surgery is performed, patients might want to undergo liposuction on the abdomen, thighs and lower back as well. In this way, the results achieved are improved and the whole profile of the body is redefined.

Liposuction is a procedure that entails few risks and complications and can be performed in a short period of time; hence it is suitable to be combined with other more complex plastic surgeries.

Keep in mind that after liposuction is performed, the patient is advised to wear compression garments on the areas targeted. This means that after a butt augmentation with liposuction, you will wear compression garments on the butt and also on the abdomen if this is the area treated with liposuction.

If you want to improve the contours of the body while augmenting the buttocks, liposuction is a good option to have in combination with butt enhancement procedures.



Modern-day plastic surgery offers two methods that can be used for buttock augmentation. One uses silicone implants and the other uses the patient’s own fat tissue. The results achieved with butt implant surgery are different from the ones expected after fat transfer. When it comes to using butt implants, the results are more predictable as they will keep their volume despite any potential weight fluctuations. Weight fluctuations that occur after fat transfer can alter the results achieved with the procedure.

Butt augmentation with liposuction is a popular practice. Most patients will choose to enhance the profile of their bodies furthermore using liposuction aside from the methods used for butt augmentation. Liposuction is naturally performed for fat transfer, but it can target more areas when the patient requests this or areas that are too small to deliver enough fat for the grafting. The results achieved when liposuction is used in combination with butt augmentation are aesthetically superior.


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