Butt implant fake news

18th Oct 2018

There are many false beliefs and myths related to plastic surgery in general and butt implants surgery in particular. Here are two myths about butt implant surgery that got busted:

Myth 1: Butt implants can explode and leak
The reality is that butt implants never leak or explode. A couple of years ago, a fake news website published a report that the butt implant of a patient has exploded, causing permanent damage. Furthermore, fake news about patients dying after butt implants exploding has often made it to the Internet. Those reports were found to be absolutely bogus.
In order to debunk the myth that butt implants can leak or rupture, let me slice and dice the construction of butt implants. The publishers of fake news apparently didn’t do their research, as they clearly don’t know the difference between breast implants and butt implants. They seemingly made up the news thinking butt implants and breast implants are the same thing.
Butt implants are immune to ruptures and leaks because they are made of highly durable, semi-solid, and rubber-like silicone material. They have the capacity to endure enormous pressure and force. Their robust construction helps them easily absorb any undue pressure, without causing any damage to the implants. This quality makes butt implants completely immune to ruptures and leaks. So far, there has been no genuine case of butt implant explosion or leak.

Myth 2: Thin women are not good candidates for butt implants
There are many people who believe that thin women will not qualify for butt implant surgery. This is absolutely untrue. In fact, most thin women only qualify for butt implant surgery if they want to enhance their flatter or smaller buttocks. Majority of thin women lack enough excess fat in their body to qualify for a fat transfer procedure. As such, they qualify for butt implant surgery instead.
One of the important factors to be careful about is the size of butt implant for thin women. Large implants will make the buttocks look unnatural and abnormal, especially in thin women. In order to get natural looking buttocks, thin women should work with their surgeons to choose an implant size that suits their anatomy, body outline, and butt dimensions.
If an ideally sized implant is chosen, thin women can achieve better aesthetic results with the procedure. Also, the implants should ideally be placed within the gluteal muscle in thin women, so the implants get maximum tissue coverage and help decrease the risk of implant palpability and migration.

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