Butt implant infections and other problems

23rd Oct 2018

Butt implants are made of highly durable material. They have a robust construction and can withstand immense pressure without rupturing or leaking. As a result of its durability, patients are normally not required to remove or replace their butt implants. Most patients who get butt implants live with them for a lifetime. However, there are certain complications that if occur could trigger the need for the removal of your butt implants.
Implant displacement/rotation: Butt implant displacement or rotation is the first of the complications that may require you to have the implants removed and replaced. For example, if the displacement or rotation occurred because the implants are too large for your butt dimensions, you may need to remove and replace the implants with suitable ones.
Infection: Infection is the second common sign that you need to remove your butt implants. Mild infection or infection of the tissue can be treated with oral and IV antibiotics; however, if the infection has affected the implants, it would be crucial to remove the implants and disinfect the implant pocket. This is very important for your safety. Infection of the butt implants is extremely dangerous and could be life-threatening. You may opt to get new butt implants a few months after removal of the infected implants.
Capsular contracture: Capsular contracture is a rare complication if the surgery is performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon; however, it cannot be completely ruled out. Capsular contracture happens when the scar tissue (called capsule) that typically forms after butt implant surgery starts to contract. The continuous contraction causes the implants to squeeze and change shape, apart from causing physical discomfort and pain. In order to get rid of capsular contracture, you may be required to have the implants removed along with the capsule. You can get new implants in future if you want to.
Dissatisfaction with the aesthetic results: There is a likelihood you may not like the aesthetic results achieved with butt implant surgery. For example, you may think your butt looks too large or still small. In this case, the implants would be removed and replaced with suitable ones so your desired aesthetic results are achieved.

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