Butt implant placement: which is the best option?

Butt implant placement: which is the best option?

05th Feb 2018

Buttock implants are artificial devices made of semi-solid silicone material. They are used in butt augmentation surgery to increase the size of the booty and enhance its shape and projection. If your buttocks are smaller or flatter, the plastic surgeon may recommend buttock implants. Implants are recommended for patients who desire to have a larger booty that makes them look voluptuous and sexy.

Buttock implant surgery is a major operation. It requires major incisions for the placement of the implants and is performed under general anesthesia. The plastic surgeon starts by making incisions on the buttocks. Afterwards, the implants are inserted into the butt and placed in the pocket within the intended location.

There are three options for buttock implant placement within the gluteal area: under, within, or above the gluteal muscle. Many patients are curious as to which of these implant placement options is best for them.

While the implant placement option best for you depends on the size of the implant, your aesthetic goals, and the cosmetic flaws in your buttocks, most plastic surgeons prefer to place the implants within or below the gluteal muscles. There are many reasons why these implant placement options are preferred.

First off, when the implants are large and placed above the gluteal muscle, the risk of complications like capsular contracture and implant displacement increases. On the other hand, when the implants are placed under or within the gluteal muscle, these complications are prevented.

Secondly, when the implants are placed above the gluteal muscle, the final results will not be better. For example, your buttocks will look unnatural, especially when the implants are large.

There is also a risk that when the implants are placed above the gluteal muscle, they will not get enough tissue coverage. The lack of sufficient tissue coverage will increase the risk of implant palpability and visibility. It means when the implants are placed above the gluteal muscle, there is a risk the edges of the implants will be visible through the skin and the patient will feel the implants when sitting.

To prevent these problems, it is advisable to place the implants within or under the gluteal muscle where they can get maximum tissue coverage and prevent complications like implant palpability, capsular contracture, and displacement.

However, some patients may still require placement of the implant over the gluteal muscle. For example, if the implant is small or medium and the patient’s goal is to achieve natural looking buttocks with mild projection, over the gluteal muscle implant placement option is better. If there is enough tissue coverage, the butt will appear natural and make natural movements when the patient walks. In this case, the butt will look sensuous and sexy.

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