Butt implant results

18th Oct 2018

Buttock augmentation is an effective plastic surgery procedure to get larger and shapelier bottoms. A common question patients ask during the initial consultation is the following: “How long will the results of butt augmentation last?” In this video, I will detail the expected duration of the buttock augmentation’s effects.

The results of buttock augmentation are permanent, as long complications such as implant displacement, infection, and/or capsular contracture doesn’t occur. With an experienced plastic surgeon, the chances of complications occurring will be minimized. If all goes well, the results of the augmentation will last a lifetime.

A revision surgery may be necessary in the event of a complication. The corrective surgery may involve changing the position of the implant or the removal and replacement of the implant. The expected results will vary on the nature and severity of the problem. For example, if a deep tissue infection has occurred, removal of the implant will be necessary to prevent further dangers to your health.
Choosing the ideal size for your implant will further your chances of achieving permanent results with the procedure. Bigger is not always better. You should follow the plastic surgeon’s recommendations, as he knows the ideal size and shape of the implant your anatomy, body profile, and buttock dimensions. The results of the buttocks augmentation will not last if the implant size is unsuitable for your body.

If the implants have not been properly placed and positioned, or if the butt implants are disproportionate to the size of your body, there is a risk that the implants may become displaced or you may experience implant rippling and palpability. This is especially likely if the implants have been placed over the gluteal muscle.

Naturally, aging, gravity, and weight changes would gradually and subtly affect the results of the procedure. Even at an advanced age, however, your buttocks should still appear to be more youthful and voluptuous than people of your age who have not undergone an augmentation to their buttocks.

If an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon performs your butt augmentation surgery, you can rest assured that the results will remain for the rest of your life. Make sure that your surgeon is aware of your goals and expectations from the procedure during the initial consultation. This should improve your satisfaction with the results.

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