Butt Implant rupture and leak

18th Oct 2018

One of the frequently asked questions I get to hear is whether a butt implant will leak or rupture. There are many people who think that butt implants and breast implants are same. Absolutely not! The reality is that they are two different things. A breast implant is vulnerable to leakage and rupture, but butt implants are not.
In this video, I will tell you what makes a butt implant leak and rupture proof. I think the best way to do this is by comparing it with a breast implant to correct the common misconception that breast and butt implants are one and the same.
A breast implant is a silicone shell filled with soft silicone gel or liquid saline that can get compressed by surrounding tissues. Unlike a breast implant, a butt implant is made of heavy duty and durable semi-solid silicone material that feels soft to the touch and closely imitates the human tissue. While the breast implant is delicate and prone to leakage and rupture, the butt implant’s robust construction, high quality and high performance implant grade material makes it immune to leakage or rupture.
Buttock implants can withstand immense pressure, collision, and force. At the same time, butt implants can add a natural looking projection to your backside. Unlike breast implants that are filled with either silicone gel or saline solution, butt implants are not filled with anything. Rather, they are rubber-like, inside and out.
To be clear, when I say butt implants are semi-solid or solid, it doesn’t mean they are rigid. Butt implants are firm, yet soft to the touch and closely mimic the natural tissues they augment. You will feel totally comfortable with it. The material is simply thicker, yet safer. The butt implants are designed to be denser, and they can tolerate repetitive movements and sitting.
One of the best things about the butt implants is that since they cannot leak or rupture, you can live with them for a lifetime, barring rare complications like implant displacement, shifting, capsular contracture, or infection. It is safe to say that the results achieved in a butt implant surgery are permanent as a result of the durability, stability and immunity from rupture of the gluteal implants. You will not be required to go for a revision surgery to remove or replace the implants unless other complications occur.

I hope it is now perfectly clear to you that the butt implant does not rupture. The next time you hear or read about a butt implant rupturing, you can now recognize it as a hoax and totally false. Butt implants never rupture or leak. That’s the best and greatest thing about butt implants!

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