Butt implant shapes and their pros and cons

Butt implant shapes and their pros and cons

21st Apr 2021


Buttock implants are artificial objects that are used to improve the size and projection of the gluteal area. If your buttocks are smaller or lack projection and the condition is affecting your self-esteem, you may consider getting buttock implants. Butt implant surgery involves incisions and the placement of external objects made of semi-solid silicone into the butt. As a result, the buttocks become more prominent and fuller. 

Buttock implants have improved over time. The implants of today are more resilient and deliver better and sustainable results. These implants are available in two shapes (round and oval) and both shapes have specific pros and cons. There is no standard implant that can fit all patients. The plastic surgeon will check your buttocks during the pre-operative consultation and then tell you as to what implant size and shape is most suitable for you.  

Buttock implants

As technologies continue to improve, the options to enhance the aesthetic features of the body have widened. The buttocks are among the most critical aesthetic areas of the female body. They are also the most sexualized areas after the breasts. Most women want to have prominent and fuller buttocks so that they can look more attractive and sexier. Smaller and flatter buttocks are undesirable because they make you look less feminine and affect your body outline. 

Buttock augmentation with implants is one of the most popular and common procedures in the US. Tens of thousands of women get butt implants every year with the goal to improve their feminine features. Butt implant surgery has a history of effectively enhancing the booty. Butt implants are made of medical grade, semi-solid silicone material that is entirely safe for your health. These implants are extremely durable and do not rupture or deflate. Once you get butt implants, they will remain with you for a lifetime. As such, you can also expect the results to stay with you permanently.

The plastic surgeon will determine your candidacy for butt implant surgery during the consultation session. During the meeting, he will discuss with you the options available to augment your derriere and the shape of the implants. Every person has a unique body, which means the type suitable for each patient will also be different. The implant best for you depends on the aesthetic flaws in your buttocks, the desired butt size and shape, body outline, and existing size and shape of the buttocks. 

Buttock implants come in different sizes and shapes. The size and shape of the implant suitable for you depend on many factors. The surgeon will help you select an appropriate implant size and shape during the pre-operative consultation. Round and oval implants have different pros and cons that you must ask from the surgeon before deciding to go with a particular implant shape. I will explain the pros and cons of the round and oval butt implants below. 

Shapes of butt implants and their pros and cons

There have been many improvements in buttock implants since they were first introduced. Today, butt implants are available in two shapes: round and oval. Oval butt implants are also called anatomic implants. Both of these implants are available in two surface forms: smooth and textured. 

Round implants are generally recommended for patients with square-shaped buttocks. On the other hand, if your butt is elongated, you should choose the oval implant. Moreover, oval butt implants can give you more projection in the lower areas of your buttocks. 

Most plastic surgeons and patients prefer round butt implants because they come with many benefits. The main advantage of using the round gluteal implant is that it adds more projection and roundness to the buttocks. 

Rounder buttocks look aesthetically more appealing and sexier, which is why most patients choose round butt implants. Round buttocks make the body look curvaceous and sensual. They can also make you look more feminine. If you want to get a curvaceous figure, you should select the round implant. 

The second benefit of using round implants is that they are resistant to rotation. Even if the implant rotates, your buttocks will still look rounder and shapelier. Moreover, round implants do not carry any significant disadvantage. However, you should still ask your surgeon if there is any risk associated explicitly with using the round implant for you. 

Oval implants also have a history of delivering better results and are also commonly used. Depending on your existing buttock shape and your desired goals, you may be a good candidate for the oval implant. Most plastic surgeons recommend it when they are sure that the implant will introduce dramatic improvements to the patient’s buttocks.

Oval implants come with one major disadvantage, i.e. the risk of implant rotation and displacement is higher. When the oval implant rotates or shifts, it will affect the shape of your buttocks and make them look abnormal. In such a scenario, you will be required to undergo a new surgery to put the implants back into the pockets or change the place of the implants to prevent rotation. 

The good news is that the risk of implant rotation and displacement can be considerably reduced by putting the implants in a pocket under or within the gluteal muscles. While oval implants can add lower pole projection to your buttocks, it may not justify the extra risk for some patients.

The best way to know as to whether you are a good candidate for the round or oval butt implant is to consult with a plastic surgeon. You should share your expectations with the surgeon and tell him clearly as to what improvements you want to achieve. A good plastic surgeon will explain all the options to you and then recommend a suitable option based on the findings made during the consultation session. No matter if the surgeon recommends you the round or oval butt implant, you must ask him about the pros and cons of both types of implants and why you should get the one recommended by the doctor.

Another important thing that you must keep in mind when choosing your implant shape is the size of the implant. The shape and size of gluteal implants go hand in hand, and they must conform if you want to get impressive results. Butt implants come in different size options. The surgeon will make sure the implant shape and size accentuate each other and go well with your body type, shape, and BMI. 

How is butt implant surgery performed?

Buttock implant surgery will follow the same steps no matter if you chose to get the round or oval implant. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and involves the use of general anesthesia. After the anesthesia is administered, the plastic surgeon will place incisions on the buttocks. Different incision techniques can be used to perform butt implant surgery. You should discuss the incision options with your surgeon in advance.

In most cases, the incisions are made in the division between the buttocks so that the resulting scars can be hidden. After making the incisions, the plastic surgeon will create pockets for the implants. There are three places where the implants can be placed: under, within, and over the gluteal muscle. Most surgeons and patients prefer the first two options because they entail lower risks and provide better results.

After creating the implant pocket in the intended location, the surgeon will then insert the implant into the pocket through the incisions. He will place the implants in the pockets and make sure they are in a proper position. In the last step, the surgeon will suture and close the incisions. The results of buttock implant surgery will gradually evolve. 

The patient will go through a recovery process for many weeks, and when the swelling subsides and the incisions heal, you will see that your buttocks have become more prominent and shapelier. If you get the round implant, your buttocks will appear rounder and sexier. On the other hand, if you get the oval implants, your buttocks will have more projection in the lower regions. 


Buttock implants come in two shapes: oval and round. Even though both implant shapes provide better results, most people select round implants because they have more pros and little to no cons. Round implants make the buttocks look rounder and sensuous that many women desire to have. On the other hand, oval implants have a higher risk of displacement or shifting, even though they add lower pole projection. The plastic surgeon will examine your buttocks and ask you about your goals before recommending you the best implant shape and size.

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