Butt implant surgery: 8 important things to know

Butt implant surgery: 8 important things to know

19th May 2021


Buttock augmentation with implants is a common plastic surgery procedure developed to enhance the appearance of the butt by improving their shape and size. It is a moderately invasive procedure and has a good record of safety and effectiveness. As technologies have improved, so has buttock implant surgery. If your buttocks are smaller, you can get implants to look more feminine and aesthetically appealing. 

A successful butt implant surgery starts with an in-person pre-operative consultation. The consultation session is a vital time to explore your options and know more about the procedure. It also gives you the opportunity to have your candidacy determined and understand the risks associated with the operation. Furthermore, you will get to know your surgeon and establish rapport with him. However, before you go for the consultation, there are eight important things that you should be aware of. 

Selecting the right plastic surgeon matters 

An experienced, qualified, and skilled plastic surgeon is the key to have successful butt implant surgery and achieve the desired results. The plastic surgeon that you will choose should have many years of experience in butt implant surgery. He should be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, which means he has many years of training in plastic surgery and general surgery. It also shows that the doctor is getting continued education and training in plastic surgery.

It is critical for the patient to educate herself on how to choose a trusted plastic surgeon. You should do your research and visit the website of the plastic surgeon. You can even research your shortlisted plastic surgeon on the ABPS website and the website of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. 

Furthermore, you should be ready to ask the surgeon questions during the meeting and have your concerns addressed.  You can ask the surgeon the following questions:

•    Are you a board-certified plastic surgeon?

•    How many butt implant surgeries have you done so far?

•    How many years of practice do you have in plastic surgery?

•    How will you perform the procedure?

•    What size of implant is suitable for me?

•    How long will recovery take?

•    When will the results emerge?

•    Will I need revision surgery?

•    How much will the operation cost?

•    What are the risks of the procedure?

Butt implants are available in many sizes, and the size best for you will accentuate your physical features.

The results of butt implant surgery will not be suitable and look unnatural unless they emphasize your body outline, BMI, and other physical characteristics. An experienced and skilled plastic surgeon will help you select an implant size that is best for your body. Buttock implants come in many sizes, and it is crucial to choose an implant size that makes your body look balanced. Keep in mind that every individual has a unique body type and will need different implant sizes. 

Even though it is best to have an idea about the booty size that you desire to achieve, keep in mind that butt implant surgery is customized to the needs and requirements of each patient. In other words, butt implant surgery is more than just increasing the size of the booty. The procedure should ideally enhance your overall figure by improving your booty. 

The results will not fully emerge right after the procedure

Many women hold on to an assumption that the results of butt augmentation with implants will be entirely visible immediately following the operation. However, this is not true at all. While you may notice some improvements in your booty right after the procedure, complete results will take time to emerge. Generally, it takes many weeks and even months for the outcomes to become noticeable.

Your buttocks will be swollen for many weeks after the surgery. This happens due to the surgical trauma that your buttocks went through during the operation. The post-operative swelling will gradually subside over many weeks. The results will not become fully visible unless and until the swelling has completely disappeared and the incisions have healed. 

The results of butt implant surgery are long-lasting

A successful butt implant surgery can please you for many years to come. On the contrary, if you are not happy with the outcomes or your butt size after the procedure, it will affect your self-confidence. Moreover, it can create discomforts for you and even trigger the need for revision surgery. The good news is that if you have chosen an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon, you can rest assured that the results will be satisfactory and will stay with you for a long time. 

Buttock implants are not only safe for use but also deliver permanent results. Your backside will be permanently enhanced after the surgery if rare but severe problems like capsular contracture and implant infection don’t happen. Also called gluteal implants, butt implants are made of semi-solid silicone material that is incredibly resilient and immune to ruptures and deflations. 

The surgery entails risks

Buttock implant surgery has a history of safety and effectiveness. Over the years, the operation has improved due to new and better technologies and techniques. Despite the innovations made in the field of plastic surgery, we cannot claim butt implant surgery to be entirely free of risks. Since buttock implant surgery involves an incision on the butt, it entails risks like all other invasive procedures. 

Most of the risks are rare when a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon performs the operation. However, it is still vital for the patient to be in good health and not be suffering from significant health problems. During the consultation session, you must discuss the risks with the plastic surgeon. A good plastic surgeon will help you analyze the risks against the benefits of the procedure and help you make a better decision. If the risks are higher than the benefits, then you should avoid going under the knife.

People with existing health issues are more at risk of complications during and after butt implant surgery, so you must share your complete medical history with the surgeon. The risks that some patients may be exposed to include infection, excessive bleeding, blood clotting, capsular contracture, implant displacement, butt asymmetry, etc.  

Recovery can take many weeks

Buttock implant surgery is a major operation, which means recovery can take time. You cannot just get up and walk away right after the procedure. You must avoid work for two weeks and instead spend time resting in bed so that the incisions can heal and the implants can drop in place. After two weeks, you may resume non-strenuous work; however, you must avoid strenuous activities for six weeks. During the first two weeks, do not sleep and avoid sitting. Also, do not engage in any activity that can apply strain and pressure to the buttocks. After six weeks, you can resume your routine activities.

It is essential to have realistic goals

One of the most important things that play a significant role in determining your candidacy for butt implant surgery is your aesthetic goals and what you expect to achieve with the operation. Many patients want their buttocks to look like the buttocks of specific celebrities. But the fact is that every person has a unique body and the procedure is adapted to the needs, requirements, and physical features of the patient. As such, the results will be different for each patient. What this means is that you must have realistic, reasonable, and achievable goals. If your goals are unrealistic, the surgeon will advise you to avoid the procedure. 

Your health plays a vital role in determining your candidacy 

Besides your goals and expectations, the plastic surgeon will also assess your overall health during the consultation session. If you are suffering from severe complications like severe diabetes, heart disease, pulmonary problems, immune system issues, and blood disorders, the surgeon will advise you to avoid going under the knife. To be a good candidate, the patient should have good health and not be suffering from serious health issues or diseases. 


Every year, tens of thousands of women get buttock implants in the US alone. The number of women getting the procedure is increasing at an unprecedented rate, thanks to the safety and effectiveness of the procedure. Butt implant surgery has a record of delivering impressive results and ensuring patient safety. During the procedure, the plastic surgeon will make an incision in the fold between the buttocks and then put the implants into the booty. As a result, the buttocks become bigger, voluptuous, and shapelier. 

While the surgery may seem simple, the reality is that it involves the use of sophisticated techniques. As such, it is crucial for the patient to do her research before deciding to go under the knife. The surgeon will determine your candidacy during the consultation session. In this article, I have explained the eight important points to keep in mind before the pre-operative consultation.

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