Butt implant surgery recovery journey

Butt implant surgery recovery journey

27th Dec 2019


Butt implant surgery is the procedure performed on patients who want to get a more impressive projection and increase the size of their buttocks. The augmentation is achieved by inserting a silicone implant in the upper side of the buttocks where the gluteal muscles are. A common placement for implants is inside the gluteal muscles. This placement is often preferred as it provides a suitable coverage for the implants in most patients. 

While the procedure takes less than two to three hours and the augmentation is visible immediately after the procedure, it can take up to six or nine months for the final results to be properly assessed. After the procedure, the patient will have a few hours of hospitalization, followed by two or three weeks of the recovery period. During the recovery period, there are certain instructions that need to be followed to the letter to avoid complications and ensure a smooth healing process. 

Among the recommendations that are essential during the recovery period are not sitting on the butt or lying on the back. While it might sound like something very difficult to do for a minimum of three weeks, it is crucial for the success of your procedure. Too much pressure applied on the buttocks too soon after surgery can result in unwanted complications such as the opening of the incisions, infection, the shifting of the implants, and even severe asymmetries, to name just a few. It is important for the patient to sleep and relax on the tummy for a minimum of three weeks after the procedure and also wear the compression garments non-stop for the same period. 

The first few days after the surgery, it is possible for the patients to encounter a certain level of pain and discomfort. Due to the placement of the implants inside the gluteal muscles, the recovery period can be associated with a more intense level of pain compared to other procedures that address more superficial structures of the body and not the muscles. There is also a tension that can be felt on the operated area. This is explained by the implants stretching the tissues of the buttocks, so this is completely natural.

The recovery journey after butt implant surgery is not exactly a walk in the park. However, it can be a pretty straightforward period for the patient if he is dedicated to following the recommendations of the plastic surgeon to the letter. Strenuous physical activities should be avoided for a minimum of one or two months post-op and only resumed after getting the consent of the plastic surgeon and when the patient feels ready. Keep in mind that resuming work or other activities should be made gradually and the patient should stop if intense pain occurs in the buttocks. If so, contact your plastic surgeon immediately. 


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