Butt implant surgery with fat transfer to the hips

Butt implant surgery with fat transfer to the hips

01st Apr 2019


Butt implant surgery has been performed for quite some time now and often with spectacular results. The anatomy of the buttocks can be greatly improved when gluteal implants are used and the procedure is performed by an experienced and talented board-certified plastic surgeon. However, often during the pre-operative consultation for butt implant surgery, the surgeon may realize that other procedures need to be combined with the butt augmentation to provide the patient with the desired result.

Many people seek help from plastic surgery believing that if they enhance one aspect of the body that they see as problematic, their whole silhouette will change. This is not the reality in a vast majority of cases. For example, getting breast implants won’t make you look like Sophia Loren if you have a triangular body shape with wide shoulders. Butt implant surgery can make your rear end look more appealing and your anatomy more alluring; however, it won’t give you the hourglass silhouette that most women desire.

We can never emphasize enough on the need to find the right plastic surgeon for your procedure. Aside from delivering better results, an experienced plastic surgeon can also help you with priceless recommendations. For example, for women who want to considerably enhance their body shape while getting a better butt projection, the plastic surgeon might recommend butt implant surgery with fat transfer to the hips.

When these procedures are performed in combination, the plastic surgeon will perform liposuction on the areas of the body with an excess of adipose tissue. The fat required for fat transfer to the hips is collected in this manner. The fat collected goes through a purification process and is then reinjected into the hips to create more volume and curves in all the right places. The size of the buttocks is increased by inserting the gluteal implants.

After the surgery, the patient is advised not to sit or lie on the buttocks or hips for at least three weeks. Sitting on the buttocks can trigger wound opening or shifting of the implants, and lying on the hips can cause the death of the fat cells that were transferred.

The results achieved after these procedures can be evaluated no sooner than three to six months after the date of the surgery. Some of the fat injected into the hips will be reabsorbed by the body during the first few months following the procedure. Aside from these, the buttocks will also be swollen and bruised for some weeks. Even the areas treated with liposuction need time to heal and for the inflammation and bruising to disappear.

The results expected after butt implant surgery with fat transfer to the hips are a smaller midline, a butt with an increased projection, and hips with more volume that creates the beautiful hourglass shape.


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