Butt implant types and sizes

18th Oct 2018

Butt implants are available in different types and sizes. Which type and size of butt implant are best for you to depend on the aesthetic flaws in your buttocks, your aesthetic goals, your overall health condition, and your plastic surgeon’s preferences and recommendations.
Generally, there are 4 types of butt implants that have been categorized on the basis of style. The most common butt implant type is style 3, which is round and non-directional in shape. Style 3 butt implants can be used in the conventional planes of insertion, such as sub-fascial and intra-muscular.
Style 3 butt implants provide a regular increase in butt projection, in addition to upper pole fullness. They provide sufficient flexibility to the surgeon in terms of surgical techniques. Since this type of implant is non-directional, it is almost completely free of the risk of implant displacement or migration.
Style 1 and style 2 butt implants need a particular orientation and placement. They have not shaped the same way in all directions, meaning they have to be placed inside the buttocks in a certain manner. Their dimensions are different. They can deliver impressive aesthetic results when placed sub-fascial to attain a pre-cast preferred regularity. However, the results depend to a greater extent on the surgeon’s sense of aesthetics and artistry.
The last type of butt implant is style 4. These are basically custom-tailored gluteal implants that come with mirrored sides – one for each butt. The surgeon can craft this type of gluteal implant to suit your anatomy and aesthetic goals before placing it inside the buttocks. Style 4 implants are rarely used.
Each type of gluteal implant comes in a number of sizes. The plastic surgeon will examine your buttocks and skin and know your aesthetic goals before recommending a particular implant size.
Bigger is not always better. Some patients insist on getting huge implants that cannot properly fit into the buttocks or do not compliment the overall body outline and profile of the patients. This makes the buttocks look abnormal and weird. Ideally, the implant size should be suitable for your butt dimensions and overall body profile.
The size of butt implants generally ranges from 200 cc to 700 cc for each implant. The size can even be customized according to your needs. The most common sizes fall in the range of 360 cc to 580 cc.

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