Butt implants and sleeping positions

Butt implants and sleeping positions

11th Jul 2019

Buttock augmentation with implants is very in demand nowadays and frequently performed all over the United States. The procedure boasts a high success rate and delivers impressive results for male and female patients alike. The procedure takes less than two hours, often requires general anesthesia, and should be performed only on patients with good health and emotional condition. To be eligible, the patient needs to undergo a series of medical tests to rule out potential contraindications. 

The process of getting larger buttocks starts with the pre-operative consultation with the plastic surgeon and ends one year after the procedure, with one last follow-up consultation. Despite the fact that the procedure only lasts a few hours, the preparation and recovery period are lengthier.

Beforehand, the patient is asked to follow strict rules such as not drink alcohol in excess, not smoke, and not take birth control pills or anti-inflammatory medication for at least two to three weeks before the procedure. Afterwards, the plastic surgeon will give another list of instructions that are mandatory to be followed to the letter as the aesthetic results and the well-being of the patient are dependent on them. Among these instructions are not to smoke, not to engage in intense physical activities, and not to sleep on the tummy, among others.

Sleeping positions after butt implant surgery is an important aspect to discuss with your plastic surgeon even before the procedure. This particular procedure is associated with a higher level of post-operative discomfort particularly because the patient has to avoid sitting on the buttocks or lying on the back for at least three weeks or until the incisions are fully closed. This can make rest more difficult for patients who are used to lying on their back while in bed. A good sleeping position after butt implant surgery is on the tummy or on the sides. Sleeping on the tummy might not feel very comfortable for some of you, and if this is the case, you can get some pillows to sleep on or create an environment that is more comfortable for you. Also, for the first days after the procedure, you might need someone to help you get in and out of bed, so make sure there is a friend or family member available for this. Sleeping on the side can be more comfortable for patients used to sleeping on the back, especially if you add lots of pillows on your back. 

The recommendation not to sleep or rest on the back is given to help the patient avoid any unnecessary pressure put on the buttocks as this might cause the implants to shift or the incisions to open. Getting lots of pillows to have them available for the recovery period is a good idea for most patients. 

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