Butt implants and stretch marks on the buttocks

Butt implants and stretch marks on the buttocks

29th Sep 2018

Stretch marks usually appear during pregnancy, and most of them can form on the belly. However, buttocks are not excluded, and normally stretch marks do not disappear in time. They have been associated with rapid changes in body weight when the skin is usually losing elasticity, so expect them to appear where you have large amounts of fat stored. Even if they do not create any health issues, stretch marks are unaesthetic, and many women are trying different types of creams or therapies to get rid of them. During the last decade, a lot of attempts were made in removing stretch marks with laser treatments or glycolic acid, but none of them provided a viable solution. The only way to deal with stretch marks is to prevent them as much as possible. For example, if you notice that stretch marks are developing in one area you can try some laser treatment. But as I have said before, it will work only in small percentages and only if you have small areas affected.

Butt implants & stretch marks

Even if at the moment there is no proven solution to definitely get rid of stretch marks, when the stretch marks are not that deep on the buttocks, gluteal implants showed some positive results in helping them fade away. As the gluteal implant is much harder than other implants, they tend to stretch the skin when applied in a butt augmentation procedure. As stretch marks are due to skin elasticity loss, enlarging your buttocks can stretch the skin causing the stretch marks to sparse around the implants. Naturally they will not disappear, but they are going to be less visible. Using bigger implants, you can manage to stretch most of the area affected, but the surgeon will be the one to decide what your limit in implant size is in order for the procedure to bring optimal results and not just to target your stretch marks.

Even if it sounds like a solution, you need to understand that is not. Stretch marks are still yet to be studied, and scientists are always working to find better ways to deal with them. At the moment you need to be realistic and try to keep a healthy lifestyle. Exercise and proper diet can help prevent stretch marks, and it is basically up to you on how to deal with them in the first place. When a safe solution is there, you will hear about it for sure. Until then, it is not recommended to try all types of unsafe experiments.

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