Butt Implants For Thin People

18th Oct 2018

If your body mass index is lower than 22, it means you do not have enough fat to qualify for the Brazilian butt lift – a procedure that involves the use of the patient’s own body fat to augment the buttocks. For most thin patients, the best butt augmentation procedure is butt implant surgery.
Butt implant surgery can give thin patients fuller, shapelier, and sensuous buttocks. The procedure involves the use of artificial objects called implants to add projection and shape to your buttocks.
Butt implants come in different sizes. For thin patients, large butt implants are not suitable. Implants that do not fit into the dimensions of your buttocks would make your backside appear unnatural. Thin patients who get very large butt implants are not satisfied with the achieved results because their buttocks appear separate and abnormal objects rather than appearing as a natural extension or part of the body.
You should be sure to work with your plastic surgeon to choose an implant size that fits your overall body outline, buttock dimensions, and anatomy. An experienced plastic surgeon would always recommend you get an ideally sized butt implant.
While the size of gluteal implant that would suit your thin body would be determined during the consultation with a plastic surgeon, most thin patients get implants of 260 – 550 cc in size.
Butt implant surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia and on an outpatient basis. During the surgery, incisions will be placed on your buttocks. The pre-selected implants will then be inserted and placed inside your buttocks.
There are three options when it comes to implant placement inside your buttocks: under the gluteal muscle, over the gluteal muscle, and within the gluteal muscle.
What implant placement option will deliver you good results depends on your aesthetic goals, existing butt anatomy, and the surgeon’s preference. However, for thin patients, the implants should be placed within the gluteal muscle. This will counter the risk of implant palpability and unnatural aesthetic results.
After placing the implants in the intended position and pocket, the incisions would be sutured and closed. The final results of the intervention would gradually become visible as your buttocks recover from the surgical trauma and the swelling fully subsides.

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