Butt implants surgery potential post-op side effects

Butt implants surgery potential post-op side effects

04th Sep 2019


When considering undergoing a plastic surgery intervention is important to carefully weigh in the pros and cons or the complications that could occur versus the benefits that can be experienced. Aside from the complications, any plastic surgery intervention is also associated with certain side effects that can occur in the days and weeks following the procedure but subside in time, often without additional treatment.

The occurrence of these side effects is one of the reasons why we can’t assess the results of a butt implants surgery as soon as the procedure was performed, despite the fact that the augmentation will be obvious and the volume of the buttocks considerably increased immediately after the implants are inserted. The side effects are affecting the results of the procedure, and we can only evaluate the final results when the implants have settled, and the side effects vanished.

When it comes to the butt implants surgery potential post-op side effects, we are often talking about swelling and bruising, the accumulation of liquids and blood at the level of the surgical site and pain and discomfort.

The swelling and bruising occur as a result of the injury that happened to the tissues of the buttocks during the intervention. This is a natural occurrence that can’t be prevented as it is the response of the body. While the swelling and bruising can’t be avoided, there are certain things that can be done to reduce their intensity. For example, an Arnica Montana supplement might be recommended by the plastic surgeon to be taken in the weeks following the intervention. Ice packs applied on the buttocks can also help reduce the swelling, as well as wearing the compression garments that are mandatory after the butt implants surgery. However, even if you are committed to following the recommendations of the plastic surgeon for reducing the swelling after butt implants procedure, it will take a few weeks until the inflammation will completely disappear. Be patient and allow the healing process to take its normal course.

The accumulation of blood or fluids close to the incisions site is called hematoma or seroma, depending on the contents. This is a side effect that the plastic surgeon will try to avoid by inserting drain tubes on each side of the incision; however, this is not a guarantee that small seromas and hematomas won’t occur. They are absorbed by the body within weeks after the procedure, so nothing to be worried about. 

When it comes to the butt implants surgery, an important concern for most patients is related to the level of pain and discomfort to be experienced post-operatively. It is important to mention that the plastic surgeon will prescribe medication to alleviate the pain and it is important for the patient to take it according to the recommendations. Also, not sitting on the buttocks or laying on the back will help with decreasing the level of discomfort and pain that can be felt after this type of procedure is performed. 


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