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04th Oct 2018

How long does it take butt implants to drop and settle?

Many patients who desire to get bigger buttocks by undergoing implant surgery often ask how long it takes the implants to drop and settle. Butt implants are prosthetic objects that are inserted and placed inside the buttocks, with the goal to increase the butt size and make it shapelier. The implants are made of semi-solid silicone material that is approved by the FDA. Since the implants are prosthetic objects, they require some time to adjust to the new environment. The results would not be visible until and unless the implants have dropped and settled.
Dropping and settling of the implants mean they fall into the intended place and position, delivering the desired aesthetic results. Patients should be aware of the placement of the implants and the area of the buttock that would be enhanced as a result. After the butt implant procedure, the tissues surrounding the prosthetic objects slowly heal and relax. What this means is that as the tissues heal, the implants will gradually be accommodated and adjusted in the desired place and position.
When the implants are first inserted and placed inside the butt, they stand high for some days or even weeks. Why does this happen? It occurs as a result of the swelling that normally happens after the surgery and the snugness of the pocket created to accommodate the implant. After the surgery, the swelling slowly disappears and the pocket’s snugness dissipates. As a result of these improvements, the implants drop and settle over time.
In most cases, buttock implant settling takes around six months. The precise time it will take for the implants to drop and settle depends on many factors, such as where the implants have been placed, how the surgery was performed, the size of the implants, the trauma caused to the tissues, your healing pattern and speed, and how careful you are during the recovery period. It is important for the patient to be patient and careful during the recovery period. After the implants have fully settled, the final results will start to emerge. In some patients, it can even take many weeks and months for the implants to drop and settle.

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