Butt implants vs. brazilian butt lift

Butt implants vs. brazilian butt lift

30th Mar 2014

Wanting to change the shape of the backside has become an increasingly popular trend – not only in recent years, it for a long period of time. This has a lot to do of course, with the ideal female shape – a small waist, and larger breasts and bottoms. Having these additional curves can help you feel more womanly, and better in everything from jeans to dresses, and even just your regular sweats! But when considering a procedure to enhance your buttocks, which one is best for you? Read on to find out!

The Brazilian Butt lift, named for the well-known curvy look of Brazilian women, has become popular because of its natural looking results. Unlike implants, you do not place anything inorganic inside your body – you use your body’s own fat. An amount of fat is taken from another area of the body through liposuction and then transferred with injections into the buttocks. Although this may sound like an ideal procedure, it is not for everybody. First of all, you need to have enough extra fat to use. Secondly, there should be no sagging skin on or around your buttocks – this procedure cannot correct that.

Buttock implants, just as breast implants, are implants that are inserted into your body through incisions.

Whichever procedure sounds best to you, keep in mind that you cannot correct shagginess with either. This requires a butt lift, a completely different procedure. But no matter what procedure you would like, give us a call at Wilberto Cortes, MD and we will help you achieve the look you truly desire.

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