butt implants vs fat transfer

butt implants vs fat transfer

20th Jun 2019



The buttocks play an essential role in defining the overall beauty and femininity of women. Bigger and shapelier buttocks define modern beauty standards because they make women appear voluptuous, aesthetically appealing, and sexy. However, not all women get bigger and shapelier buttocks naturally. Even if you have naturally bigger buttocks, there is no guarantee that they will stay with you forever. Many factors like aging, weight changes, and pregnancy affect the aesthetic features of the buttocks.

If your buttocks are flatter or smaller and the condition is affecting your self-esteem, you may consider getting buttock augmentation. There are two types of buttock augmentation procedures: implants and fat transfer. Many patients wonder whether one of these two procedures is better. We cannot say that one of these procedures is better for every patient. The procedure best for you depends on your aesthetic goals.


Buttock implants or fat transfer?

As stated above, the best choice for buttock augmentation depends on your aesthetic goals. If you want to have bigger and large buttocks, you should consider getting implants. On the other hand, if you want to have a shapelier booty, you may get fat transfer.

–    Buttock implant surgery

Many factors affect the aesthetic features of the buttocks. Pregnancy, considerable weight loss, and genetic factors can cause the buttocks to decrease in volume and size. Flatter or smaller buttocks look aesthetically unattractive. On the other hand, more prominent and fuller buttocks make you look more feminine, fertile, sexy, and physically beautiful. If your buttocks are smaller and you desire to have bigger and fuller buttocks, you may consider implants.

Butt implant surgery is focused on adding volume to the booty. While the procedure can also make your buttocks shapelier, its primary goal is increasing butt size. Tens of thousands of women undergo surgery in the US every year with the desire to add volume to their backsides. The number of women undergoing surgery is increasing, thanks to the more significant booty trend set by celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez.

Butt implants are foreign objects that are inserted and placed inside the buttocks. The implants are made of semi-solid silicone material. The implants come in different sizes and styles. Your plastic surgeon can help you choose a suitable implant size and style. However, you should keep in mind that implant size must accentuate your buttock dimensions and overall body definition. Getting too large or too small of an implant may fail to deliver you the desired results.

The plastic surgeon will determine your candidacy for the procedure during the pre-operative consultation. The doctor will examine your buttocks, assess your overall health, know your lifestyle and goals, and then tell you whether you are a good candidate. If you tell the surgeon that you desire to have shapelier and mildly projected buttocks rather than bigger buttocks, the surgeon will recommend fat transfer instead of implants.

If you are a good candidate, the doctor will recommend a particular implant size during the consultation. The size of the implant will be based on the results of the measurements taken during the consultation. Also, the implant size will determine the extent to which your buttock size will increase and the projection that will be added to your backside.

There is no doubt that using large implants will make your buttocks appear large; however, when the implant is too large to fit in your butt dimensions, your buttocks will look abnormal and separate entities instead of appearing as an extension of your body. It is crucial, therefore, to avoid a butt implant size that is not suitable for your butt dimensions and overall body outline.

Buttock implant surgery is performed under general anesthesia. After administering the anesthesia, the plastic surgeon will make incisions on your buttocks. The length of the incisions depends on the size of the implants. The surgeon will then insert the implants inside the buttocks through the incisions. Once the implants are inside, the surgeon will place them in the pocket created under, within, or above the gluteal muscle. In the last step, the surgeon will suture and close the incisions.

Your recovery will begin right after the procedure and can take many weeks. Most of the recovery will happen during the first two weeks, meaning you can resume work two weeks after the surgery. When it comes to the results, it will gradually become visible in the weeks following the procedure. The results will emerge after the swelling has subsided and the incisions have healed. When the results develop, your buttocks will appear more prominent, voluminous, sexy, and voluptuous.


–    Fat transfer to the buttocks

Fat transfer is better for you if your primary goal is to make your buttocks shapelier and mildly projected. Many women have poorly shaped buttocks. The buttocks may be asymmetrical, mildly saggy, or shaped differently. Fat transfer has an excellent record of effectively shaping the buttocks. Also, if your buttocks lack projection, you may consider getting fat transfer.

Your candidacy for the surgery will be determined during the pre-operative consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. The surgeon will examine your buttocks to identify the aesthetic flaws and your body areas like the abdomen, sides, flanks, and thighs to determine the fat donor sites. To be a good candidate, you need to have excess fat in different areas of your body that can be removed and then injected into your buttocks.

It is vital for the patient to communicate her aesthetic goals to the plastic surgeon during the consultation session. Do not hesitate in clearly discussing your goals and expectations with the surgeon, besides telling him how the aesthetic flaws are affecting your life or self-esteem. If you desire to have shapelier buttocks, make sure to bring this to the surgeon’s attention. Also, the surgery is invasive, and you should undergo it only when the benefits are higher than the risks and only when the aesthetic flaws in your buttocks are affecting your self-esteem.

Fat transfer is performed under general anesthesia and involves the following steps:


o    Fat extraction

o    Fat processing

o    Fat grafting


–    Fat extraction

After a board-certified anesthesiologist administers the anesthesia, the plastic surgeon will start the operation with fat extraction from the fat donor sites. To remove the fat, the plastic surgeon will use liposuction. Liposuction involves the placing of tiny incisions on the large donor area. The doctor will then insert the cannula inside the fat donor site through the incisions. During the process, a tumescent solution will also be introduced into the area.

The surgeon will then move the cannula in a back and forth motion. Doing so will help dislodge the fat cells from the surrounding tissues. In the next step, the doctor will use a suction pump or a special syringe to remove the fat from the area. The surgeon will then suture and close the incision. The same process will be repeated on all fat donor sites.


–    Fat processing

After removing the fat, the plastic surgeon will process and purify the fat collection. The surgeon will do this in a centrifuge. The fat will be spun at high speed, so that the dead and damaged fat cells, impurities, blood, and fluids are separated from the fat collection. The doctor will pick up only the living and unharmed fat cells from the fat collection.


–    Fat grafting

In the last step, the plastic surgeon will carefully inject the fat cells into the buttocks. This step is crucial to the achievement of your aesthetic goals. The doctor will not only use his surgical skills but also his sense of aesthetics and artistry to properly inject the fat cells so that your buttocks become shapelier and projected. This step is time-consuming and involves meticulous work.

The surgery will come to an end after the fat cells have been injected into the specific areas of the buttocks. The results of the operation will evolve over the next few weeks and months. Your body will establish blood supply to the fat, and the results will gradually become prominent in the form of shapelier, beautiful, rounder, and projected buttocks.



Many patients wonder whether they should get fat transfer or implants. As explained above, the procedure that can deliver you satisfying results depends on your aesthetic goals. Implants are better if you want to get bigger buttocks, whereas fat transfer is useful for patients who desire to have shapelier buttocks that are mildly projected.

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